Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 months and a Day - "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

Today marked the 5th month of Olivia's homecoming. It was 5 months and a day since the SWS placed her in our arms and we introduced ourselves as mom and dad, and we walked away a forever family. Now, months later Olivia is walking and calling us "Mama" and "Papa". In the past few months she went from rolling over, to crawling, to cruising, and now walking. She is determined as ever to get to know the world around her. She has picked up sped in the last couple of days and it has us very nervous. I recently bought a first-aid kit and Polysporin for the diaper bag. hahaha

Not only is she walking, but is definitely babbling more. She has been a "copy-cat" for the last couple of weeks and sometimes we have to be careful what we say now. hahaha. Some of her vocabulary include "Elmo!" - that was a given, "thank-you", "peekaboo", "hi!" "bye!", "bebe!" "oh-oh!" "na-na" (banana). I'm sure there are others we just can't make out what they are. :0P

With her language development and being 1years old (which she can show with her finger), her curiosity and need to explore has us constantly on our toes. Olivia has been and I think will continue to test us. We are still not use to her ignoring us when we tell her "No!". We laugh (even though we shouldn't) at the times when we tell her "no!" and she looks at us first and then proceeds to go and do it anyways. She knows she's not supposed to be there and yet she checks to see if you are looking and only when you check on her she goes ahead and does it. Ugh. We figured out though that if both Martin and I say "no!" in unison, it has a better outcome. Damn, parenting is hard. :0P

She's beginning to show preference now for food, which was different a couple of months ago. A few months ago, we could give Olivia anything and she would eat with no complaints. Now, we definitely know she loves chicken and pasta, greens bean and peas but not broccoli. She loves mostly all fruit especially berries, but not melons.

The summer is off to a great start. The weather has allowed us to go to a splashpad and play in the water (which she loves). We haven't had a chance to go swimming fully but I think it's just a matter of time. I know for sure that I wouldn't be comfortable to go swimming with Miss O by myself, as she is the daring one. hahahah. She would just leap out of my arms into the water if she could. I don't think I would be fast enough to catch this little dolphin. hahahah.

August will be another busy month for us, with more playgroups and trips. Time flies when you are having fun I guess. It'll definitely fly more faster now that Olivia is running, I mean walking.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Baptism to Remember

Finally, the last big event happened this past weekend. Only after a couple of weeks after the big birthday party, the family had to get ready for a baptism of the century. hahaha. Planning the event brought so much memories as it took place in the same church where Martin and I got married. This year marks our 10 year anniversary. I got goosebumps as we drove into Niagara-on-the-lake this weekend. I love this place. Last year we came back the same weekend (my birthday weekend) and had a wonderful time visiting vineyards and eating at our favourite restaurant (STONE ROAD GRILL). Had to do the plug in because its worth every penny and will recommend it to everyone. hahahah.

This time last year, our file was sent to the Ministry and we were waiting for the Ministry approval. I remember talking about how our life would change in the year to come. We talked about our dreams for our family and what it would be like to come back to NOTL with a little one. And here we are...a year later...celebrating our daughter's baptism. A prayer answered, a blessing from above.

We arrived to Brampton Thursday night for some Lola-Lolo time, and then left for NOTL the next day. Martin's parents left Friday morning and did the 8 hour trek down. We pretty much met up at the same time at our bed and breakfast. This B and B was great because it was a 2-bedroom with a living room and kitchen that Olivia could use. We made good use of the space. That night we walked over to our favourite restaurant which was around the corner from the B and B. Thankfully, the owner was fabulous and welcomed the 5 of us without a reservation. Stuffed with amazing food, we walked back to the house and settled in for the night.

The next day, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and walked around NOTL. Did I mention how much I love this place? There was an craft exhibition by the lake by local artists. It was a perfect day. Olivia settled down for an afternoon nap, and the grownups went to visit some wineries. When she woke up, we thought about going over the border. Her first trip to Target. BUT THIS IS ANOTHER STORY.

Baptism Day - A blessing on my birthday

The day started with a wonderful breakfast at the bed and breakfast. A gorgeous humid day. I thought... just like our wedding day. We started getting ready and of course, Olivia didn't get a chance to go down for the nap. I was hoping she would fall asleep at the church. Well..most people know Olivia doesn't go down easily. Especially with all the excitement going around her.

We arrived at the church early just to make sure we sit in the front. More so because I wasn't sure if the priest would remember there was a baptism going on that day. It was hard planning for this baptism being so far away. Finally the church was getting packed...our side of course was the most. And because filipinos are not used to the hot humid weather...most of them sat in the back where the fan was blowing. ahhahaha.

It started with a regular mass. Olivia was a real trooper. Of course there were many snacks involved, but finally a bottle did the trick. The only problem was...I couldn't find the "plug" I mean soother that replaced the bottle when she was finished. So of course she woke up immediately and that was that. After all that, she was in a fantastic mood. It was finally the baptism part. There were 2 other children that were being baptised.

We took our place at the front with the godparents, and the priest started. We went through the prayers and sacraments, and I couldn't help feeling that this was so surreal. I was up there holding my baby girl. God's blessing to our family. I know that I'm not highly religious but at that moment, I felt His presence among everyone's love at the church.

Olivia was great taking in all the sights. At one point, I had to put her down because she was getting heavy and there she was crawling around in her long gown on the steps of the alter. Classic because she can't sit still. Then it came to the water blessing. I knew she would love this because she was a water lover. She was so calm as the priest poured the holy water over her head. It must have been refreshing as well as the room was sweltering hot. Then the final blessing was done. We got our certificate and then pictures with the priest. Then we were off to the Pillar and Post for lunch. The same place where we had our wedding reception. Of course the food was awesome. And luckily it was a buffet because we were all starving. hahaha. We couldn't have planned it more perfectly.

Our daughter's baptism - a blessing from above. Memories of our marriage sacrament (which is 10 years going strong :0P ). A birthday wish coming true. It was a perfect weekend.