Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lola and Lolo's Anniversary Party - Take 2

Now that the holidays are a distant memory, it was time to get on to other celebrations.  February just seems to be full of them. One of the important events in our family this month was lola and lolo's 40th wedding anniversary.  This party was supposed to be December 18th - their real wedding date, but somehow a trip to Korea messed up our plans. hahhahah. Seeing that we arrived back in Canada Dec. 16th and the party was the 18th, we decided to post pone it for February. The great thing was it fell exactly on lolo's birthday as well.  It was the perfect time to go down and see the family. ALL OF THEM.

The party was a surprise and poor Tita Melissa was having a hard time trying to keep it on the down low. Of course, seeing that it was Lolo's birthday, we invited family over for the dinner. She was going to do a huge spread.  So all the same family invited to the anniversary party was going to be there in the evening too. This meant, lola and lolo would be cooking all day and needing preparation. That was not good. So Tita Melissa had to call everyone and tell them to cancel out for the evenig so they wouldn't cook anything to grand.  Why is it so hard to give surprise parties in our family? :0p

The trip down to Brampton went well. We picked up Olivia earlier from school so that we could leave mid-afternoon. Really we were supposed to leave by 1pm but ended up leaving around 3pm.  I was dancing around trying to keep them up, hoping they would sleep in the car.  They did well. Olivia slept an hour, and William (because O was pretty talkative) slept only an hour and half.  Considering this was his first road trip, he did well.  We stopped just outside Oshawa for dinner at Five guys and then Starbucks for a little boost. We made it to Brampton by 8pm.  Then were in bed pretty much by 9pm. hahahha They were done.  

The next morning, Melissa and I went to the hair salon to get our hair done while the grandparents watched the kids. What a treat it was!  I missed doing stuff like that.  AFter getting our hair blow dried straight, they gave us a free make up touch up!  I felt like a million bucks. Being a mom of 2 now, it's the simple things that you appreciate - just a little pampering.  

We got home to tired kids and grandparents who were cooking. Not good. Then we had the dreaded "We don't feel like going out to eat, we have lots to do". We knew this was going to happen. But Martin insisted, and what he says ...goes. hahahha.  We got the kids bathed and ready to go and we left earlier.  My parents arrived about 5 minutes after we did and then the party began.

The kids loved it. They love eating sushi. But it was great seeing all the family, and to introduce our William.  They immediately gravitated to him and wanted to pick him up.  He was somewhat hesitant, but amused by all the people oogling him. hahhaha. Then there was Olivia, running around the place and jumping up and down because there were balloons!   Sigh. 

Grandparents arrived and the party went on.  I wished I had more time to talk to everyone, but it seems bringing 2 kids under the age of 3 to a restaurant makes it impossible. hahahah.  But it was fantastic nonetheless and the proud grandparents paraded their grandchildren around.  Typical filipino style - relatives take over watching the little ones so the parents can eat in peace. Love these moments.

After lunch, the kids were done.  I'm pretty sure everyone in the restaurant was happy to see our loud, rambuncous crowd leave.  We all said our goodbyes but not really, we were going to see most of the family back again for the evening. Party # 2 was going to take place at the house. We had to celebrate Lolo's birthday too.  For that fact alone, we had to make it home for much needed naps.

They both did a long nap, thank goodness. They were up and ready to receive more guests by the evening. More food, more people, more chances for them to get really tired.  I was exhausted just eating my dinner.  As the evening started quieting down, we put the kids to bed. It was hard sleeping in a house with a party still going on.  Everyone was still having a good time downstairs and it could be heard!  William went down without any problems. He was exhausted. Olivia, on the other hand, although I knew she was just as tired, I had to issue the some threats for her to sleep. She finally gave in and we were able to relax for the rest of the evening.  It was a fantastic day.

Then next day we had a family portrait session planned out in the morning. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't a good idea to plan such an event after travelling in the car and a having 2 parties the day before.  Olivia was a trooper, but everyone was still tired and by the end of the session - somewhat grumpy. I hope the pictures turn out. hahahahha. After choosing the pictures - which we were't really sold on but felt pressured to get - we went home for lunch and naps.  The rest of the day was time to wind down. The evening however, was the SUPER BOWL.  We celebrated Savard style and went all out. It was our new tradition and I hope we can continue this for the years to come.

We left the next morning back to Ottawa. We enjoyed every minutes of our stay but we were ready to go back to our own beds and things.  I am happy that most of the family got to meet our little William and see how much Olivia has grown. At this age, changes happen every minutes. I can't imagine what the changes they saw in Olivia since the last time they saw her.  Sometimes we can't believe how much she's grown and changed. That's the great thing about these big family reunions/gatherings - so many new things to share.  Till the next road trip back home.