Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Father's Day

This year we celebrated Father's day in Ste Sauveur. Papa did a Prostate Cancer race in the area so we all went down with him.  Very fortunate to have spent the day with Papa AND grandpapa. 

End of the School Year - Bye Montessori!

Sigh. Sad to see it end, but Olivia is now going off to Kindergarten in the public school system. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. When searching for daycare for Olivia, we spent so much time to be careful to see what was the perfect fit for her. We found this gem of a school, which was first off of Maitland in an old school. We feel in love with the warmth the school had, the teachers who cared for the school, the large classrooms with big windows. Most importantly, the huge gym where Olivia could run around. At 18 months, we enrolled her in Rainbow Montessori and she has flourished ever since.

Over the years, Olivia has participated not only in the Montessori curriculum, but Kindermusic, gymnastics, martial arts, and swimming. All activities tapped into her needs and she has been so fortunate to have been exposed to these activities in a school setting. Below is her final swim of the year, in which we were allowed to join them for some pool time. Clara decided to join in too (which was her first time in a pool).

Not only did Olivia benefit from the Montessori program, William had a year in the toddler class. He spent a lot of time in the principals office however hahhhaha. He really enjoyed music class and was always a star during concerts.  Beside him is his BFF (love-hate relationship) Mya.  She's the only girl who could put him in his place. It was a tough year for William, new routines and baby at home. But he  still flourished under the Montessori program. The only thing I regret about taking him out now is that they were going to toilet-train him. Sigh. I guess I will have to do it. :0)

For Olivia's last concert she sang "Tomorrow" from Annie. Such a fitting song for the end of school.
I hope she has memories of her first school and remembers her teachers that cared and nurtured her. It was a special school, but on to new things.

Olivia Turns 4

Can't believe that our little girl is now 4. Olivia was very fortunate to celebrate her birthday at school with her favorite teachers. Ms. Seungyung did a special tradition in her class. She made Oliva walk around the carpet circling the sun on the mat while holding a small globe. Olivia had to circle the sun 4 times, the same number of years that she has celebrated her birthday. Olivia was over the moon as it was finally her time to do this tradition in her class.

This again we went to Valleyview Little Farm. We had such a great time last year, that Olivia wanted to go back to the farm again this year. Again, the weather was very similar to last year. Note the rain coats and boots the kids are wearing. hahahah  

Something new this year was the train ride. The party took up most of the seats on the train ride (that was all of 5 minutes).  They still loved it though. Funny it doesn't take much.

After the train ride, we headed into the party room for some pizza lunches and cake.  A special treat this year though was some new guests. First of all, grandmaman and grandpapa and  Audrey came down for the party. Then of course, the newest Savard addition. Clara didn't know what was going on, but she had a great time people watching. Crazy to think that this time last year, I was on bed rest and sitting in the car (actually lying down in the car) because I didn't want to miss Olivia's birthday.

My little monkey.

My 3 little monkeys.