Thursday, May 19, 2011

Principal's Office

Well, it's happened. My not-yet 2 year old toddler has been sent down to the principal's office for "bad behaviour". What did she do? She wasn't a good listener. I guess we are very relieved it wasn't because of agressiveness. Sigh.

As a teacher, I'm embarrassed that my rambunctious, clever, high-energy baby girl was sent down to the principal's office. I've sent quite a few of my own students down to the office this year. Sadly, I kept saying it was the case of poor parenting. Yikes. But I have to remember, my students are 7, she is only 2. As a parent, i'm equally worried that this might be the start of the "real" terrible 2's. Good Lord, what happens if we get kicked out of this school?!

I came by to pick her up at school, and immediately the teacher brought Miss O over to me. Oh-oh..not a good sign. It started with "Olivia...tell mommy what happened today?". Not off to a good start. Then...the silence. Olivia knew she was in trouble. She was not the overjoyed excited monkey running around and jumping up and down when she sees me. This was a look of guilt. She totally avoided looking at me. She kept trying to redirect the converstation by bring our attention to the other kids. "Michael!" "Sally!". She is way too smart. The the teacher explained to me about the days' events which lead to the principal removing Miss Olivia from the class and bringing her down to the office. Ugh. I'm thinking the main reason why she was removed from class is the classic "Monkey see, monkey do.". And Olivia is the MONKEY LEADER.

It wasn't even the explanation that Olivia was displaying typical toddler behaviour. She really wasn't a good girl today (and I'm thinking it's most of the time but not to the same degree). I have to admit, Olivia has had her share of "time-outs" with us already. I am surprised to see (but not really) that she is getting them at school. I blame this entirely on Papa. hahahhaa.. Just kidding.

So after the talk, I asked the teacher if I could bring Olivia into the classroom and go through some routines with her about eating time and circle time. I tried to use simple words and actions of what she is supposed to do. But who am I kidding. She's 2. And's Olivia. She is a very strong-willed girl, and she's our daughter. Anyways..there's only a few more weeks of school. Hopefully something will stick before the summer begins. Or it could be the summer of training. :0P

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I can't believe this is my second "official" Mother's Day. I looked at last year's blog posting for Mother's Day, and she's changed sooo much. The only thing that hasn't changed is that she's still in our bed. But...she is sleeping through the night (for the most part). :0) It's hard to pinpoint the special thing we did today, because everything we do feels like a Mother's day to me.

This weekend, we celebrated in Ste. Sauveur with Grandmaman and Grandpapa. On Mother's day we had a lovely brunch with the grandparents and cousins. Then after brunch we went to visit Great Grandmaman. That was a treat. It was tiring weekend, but nothing beats visiting family.