Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday continues for Princess Olivia

We don't know when it started, but Olivia is getting into a princess phase. Not obsessed yet, we are in the dresses and shoes stage.  So when Tita Melissa surprised her with Cinderella "high heel" shoes, she couldn't contain her excitement. 

Birthday cake #2 - ice cream cake this time!

Tita Melissa got the shoes, Maman and Papa got the dresses. Now what can William wear?  Olivia told us he could dress up as GRUMPY. hahahhahahah

Lucky girl that her BFF next door shares the same passion.

Olivia's 3rd Birthday - Rain rain went away...

Well, it wasn’t the big tent circus that Olivia’s used to, but they still had an amazing time!  Her 3rd birthday was held at Valleyview Little Animal Farm this year.  Papa reluctantly agreed to having the party outside the house this year. It was the best decision ever for everyone.  In the days before the party, the weather was forecasting rain for the whole weekend. Oh no not again. Every year when we had Olivia’s party there was always a chance or rain and then miraculously the weather was hot and beautiful. This year, well 90% chance of rain, we weren’t too optimistic.  But like in the years past, the rain held off for Olivia’s party and the kids had a wonderful time outside. It literally rained when we were getting to the farm, stopped while we were there, and then rained when we left.  Someone up there was thinking of us.  :0)

Because of the gloomy forecast, we basically ended up having the whole farm to ourselves. Typically on a sunny day, the place is packed and chaotic, with kids running everywhere at this very vast farm.  For Olivia’s day, there was no one at the giant play area except for us!  It was the perfect situation. The children could run around and climb on all the play structures freely, while the parents stood at the centre and chatted because all the kids were visible.  Martin called it “stress free” playing.

They played outside for about an hour and feed the animals. Then it was time to get ready for lunch.  While we prepared the party room and food, the children were able to watch a chicken show of musical puppets that sang. The kids loved it. They were just running around and dancing to familiar songs. It was the perfect activity for us to transition for lunch. 

After the show, the kids got into the party room and were able to sit at a large table altogether to eat their pizza and chips. The food I thought was fantastic.   The great part…no work for me. :0) While the kids ate, the parents ate the sandwiches and veggies that we brought.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere in the perfect room.

When lunch seemed somewhat finished, the birthday cake or should I say the BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES arrived in a beautiful arrangement. The cupcakes were in the forms of sheep. Olivia’s FLOCK OF SHEEP.  Totally cute and totally yummy!

As the party winded down and  the sugar and exhaustion started to hit, it was time to clean up and go home.  The “barn box” loot bags were handed out and the families made their way home in the rain.  It was a great party despite no sun.  I think the kids and parents had a blast.  When we got home, it was naptime for EVERYONE. Nothing like a long nap on a rainy day. It was the perfect end to a great party.  A special thank you to Tita Melissa who helped with everything when I was not able to.  She was Mama #2 this weekend. :0)