Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Star is Born!

The school year has come to an end, and with most schools there are end of the year concerts. We weren't sure what to expect with this summer concert. Olivia could have been in the last Christmas concert, but she was still having a hard time settling to her new environment that the teachers thought it would be a good idea to miss it. We agreed it would be awful to have Olivia standing on stage screaming her head off looking for us. I'm sure however when the teachers saw Olivia on the stage today, it might have been okay for Olivia to be in the winter concert.

Today, Olivia made the show. I would say (even though she was on the side of the stage because the teacher didn't trust her to stand still) she took center stage. She was amazing. She sang those songs that she was taught (that she would constantly sing at home too) and she loved the stage. Not only did she sing, she did all the actions too! All you could hear from the crowds were awing and laughing at how cute everyone was on the stage. I would like to think that it was all Oliva (which most of it was ) but the other toddlers did a great job. I was so proud of her. So now we are scratching our heads as to what to do next. Swimming lessons, soccer lessons, gymnastics... now singing and dancing lessons?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day #2

Hey everyone..been a while... got really busy but I can't pass on today!
As it is now a tradition on father's day week-end, I participated in the 2nd edition of the Tour du Courage, a 2 day, 3 stage cycling event to raise fund for prostate cancer.
Again this year I made the trip with my beautiful (and of course smarty pants) freshly 2 year old baby girl to grand papa and grand maman for the week-end. This is a real treat for me as I see my mom and dad but as well watch them ( and them watching over) Miss O.(merci papa, merci maman)

This year Mel did not made the trip as she was overloaded with report cards and as well as a well deserved rest. Sometimes you get so caught up in life and routines that you don't realize how quick and how much time has passed and how much you have been holding your breath pushing constantly.
Maman was a little bit apprehensive being away a whole week-end without her little soulmate her 1st time since being a full time maman, but it was well deserve. (even if she called me as we where halfway to Hawksbury to come back and pick her up!)

I still have a really hard time explaining to people and share the way I feel about my baby girl. The joy she brings to my life every single moments. Watching the connection she shares with maman is the most beautiful thing I have never seen and anything I have ever experienced.

Now it is more and more difficult to be away as everyday she has something new in store for us. They say terrible two's, for her I think it's terribly 2's.
Sometimes I just feel she wants to grow up so fast, every day I am excited about the next day, but already missing the previous.

I know people say having kids changes life, for me Olivia enriched it.
je t'aime

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Party Bash

Another fun year! Another year of worrying if Mother Nature would cooperate. Thankfully she did (but we still got a tent).
This year we got John from Monkey Rock to come again. Last year she was bouncing away and this year she did not disappoint. She actually recognized some of the songs!

Something we did different this year was a pinata! It was great fun, but we didn't choose the right stick. I guess it's all about the stick.

This year as you can see the theme was MONKEY...right down to the cake.

Olivia was so fortunate to have an abundance of gifts. People were so very generous and thoughtful. I've packed some away for those rainy days of boredom. There was one gift that Oliva (acutally we wanted) to try was her new roller blades. Yes, she is a fast runner, but will that translate to awesome skater? Only time will tell. I think she was more amused with the whole set-up (the helmet, pads, and skates) than acutally skating. Of course though, like true Olivia style, if she couldn't go fast it in, she wasn't happy. I'm thinking it'll take her a few month to get the hang of it, then we are really screwed.

All in all, it was another perfect day. Olivia had a blast and I think everyone else did too. We still can't believe our little one is 2. When you ask her she's still says she's 1 but quickly corrects herself and says "Un an no...deux ans!" She's our little monkey. Even after the day she had, she was the last one standing at the end of the day. We were all pooped. That's our girl.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today Olivia was on a high. Meaning...she was in a super good mood, she was laughing, and running around. She was non-stop. Yes, Olivia is an active toddler, but today was different. She just seemed super excited. Maybe it's because she knew this was a special day. Maybe it's because all day long people were singing to her. A song she knew too well. A song that would eventually lead to yummy treats and gifts. hahahah.

Unfortunately, today Maman and Papa had to go to work. Fortunately though, she got to spend the day with Grandmaman. It was a win-win situation. There were tons of treats around and a Grandmaman who was willing to give it to her. :0) From what I found out about the day, she had a blast and I hope Grandmaman did too. There was something she learned today too - "Pepsi!". What does that mean? - wink wink.

Her birthday celebrations started at school on Wednesday. She brought her special cupcakes to school that day. Little pink vanilla cupcakes super cute. Of course, there were other birthdays in the class that day too. One parent got all the kids bubbles, and the other parent gave all the kids bran muffins. Sigh, we are the parents that give the treat loaded with sugar to toddlers. Oh well. It just happens once a year. I'm sure the parents are thanking us for it.

Today for dinner we went to our favourite restaurant. What made this night extra special was that we went with Olivia's BFF - Nalina.

Exhausted we came home and I was determined for her to blow the candles out of yet another birthday cake. But this cake was made with love. A perfect dessert to end the day. Tomorrow the Ortiz clan was coming - more TLC from Lola, Lolo, and Tita Melissa. The love just does not end. We better get some rest now, I am thinking this year's birthday bash will be as crazy as last years (with a smaller tent though).