Monday, September 12, 2011

Congratulations Papa!

We just wanted to show support for Papa this weekend. A job well done!  Olivia has been witnessed and understands that part of Papa's work is his training. In the morning, she knows Papa has either gone for an early morning swim, bike ride, or a run. She understands that it's just part of daily routine. What she doesn't understand yet, is that Papa is an amazing athelete.  He just doesn't do all 3 sports - he inspires us while he does them.

Congratulations Papa on a very difficult race (especially we were not at the finish line this year to cheer you on). Next year...there will be the 3 of us cheering you on.  Olivia and William will be racing with you to the finish line.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bedtime Battles

So with the hurry of getting things ready for William, we have been pushing Miss O to sleep in her own bed (by herself). The first part seems to be working okay. She knows that she needs to sleep in her own bed, in her own room. What we can get around though is her sleeping by herself. Let's just say it has been a exhausting (somewhat painful) journey. So after about a month of sleeping in her own bed, Olivia has managed to sleep on her own for about 5-6 hours, then at around 2am...then...4:30...then 6:30am...someone has to go into her room and put her back down. Well..not really put her back, lie down beside her.

As you can see in the past photos, she is sleeping in a toddler bed. This means...Maman or Papa is sleeping on the floor (comforter and pillow). It's been very tiresome. But we need to do it. I keep telling myself, it's for her benefit, but my shoulders and back say "screw it!" (pardon the language). The other night, I did a test. I thought I could at least keep her door open, while I put away laundry and she would eventually go to sleep. Nope. She just sat up waiting for me to come back to the room. When I really pushed it and told her that I was going to close the door if she didn't stay in her bed...she LOST IT.

It was brutal. I am writing about this because I know I am not alone in this plight to get the toddler to sleep. However, I wanted to share how hysterical Miss O got. hahahhaha. She SCREAMED, and it wasn't a "I want my mommy!" scream, it was " I am soooo angry at you for doing this!!!" scream. "OPEN THE DOOR!!!!" Much more scarier. hahahah. Then at one point, between gasps of air, I see the little fingers under the door wiggling! Constant screaming and constant banging on the door. At one point, the screaming "softened" and I wasn't sure what she was up to. She was still angry but she was busy doing something.

Sigh. I opened the door fearing that she was getting into something or hurting herself. When I opened the door, there she was putting a pair of pants over her pajamas. They were new pants so she knew to RIP off the tag. It was like "If you are not opening the door, i'm leaving!". It was pretty amazing to see her come up with that stuff. Of course, we took them off, I put her back in bed. Yup...I laid down beside her. Sure enough, out of pure exhaustion, she put the pillow over her head (like PAPA) and passed out. Good, I thought. At least she would sleep through the night. Surely she was totally exhausted from everything! I was.

Unfortunately, like clockwork, she woke up almost at the same times. Sigh.
 Point of all this...we are going to buy a double bed this weekend.