Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fulton's 2013

Our tradition to go to Quebec for our spring cabane sucre didn't happen this year (or at least not yet). Instead, we planned a wonderful day at Fulton's Farm with family and close friends.  Our dear friend Irene arranged for a group of us to meet up for a fun-filled morning.  What a great way to start our March Break with the kids!

The day started off well as all the kids woke up pretty early, despite the party the night before and the time change.  We changed them into their splash pants and rain boots expecting a wet morning. We were on the road by 9am (first stop to Starbucks).  Lola, lolo, and Tita Melissa took another car and met us there. This was great...many eyes and hands to help out with the kids.

As soon as we arrived the parking lot was starting to fill. We walked up to the restaurant starving as we skipped breakfast because we knew we would have a big pancake breakfast at Fulton's.  The restaurant was busy but we all found a seat together with the Rollins family.  We ate our yummy breakfast with a great violinist playing in the background. William enjoyed the entertainment the most. He was hopping around and yelled "YAY!" and clapped after every song. It was super cute!

After our breakfast we headed out for the outdoor activities. The kids ran to the playstructure first, then a horse drawn carriage passed by they immediately asked to go on it. Even Clara, snowsuit and baby carrier in tow enjoyed the ride.

After the sleigh ride, we needed to get warmed up. At the far end, we smelled the wood burning and found out that they were roasting marshmallows!

Yes it was a big mess, but luckily maman had brought some wipes.  Papa then took the kiddies to see the sap from the maple trees. But they were more interested in the maple syrup that looked like a lollipop.  Fine...let's go get some.

The sugar started to wear us down and it was almost time to go.  Before we packed up, we met up with Alyssa who wanted to get her face painted. Sure why not!?

 Our group of friends ended up coming a bit later.  As we were leaving they decided to go on their sleigh ride.

We decided to make slide down a snow hill instead to burn some energy.

It was a great day at Fulton's.  Maybe we can make this an annual event with our friends and family.
Clara at 4 months certainly enjoyed the experience and was in an awesome mood.  I think this is going to be a great family tradition.