Monday, March 21, 2011

March Break Madness

Well...I wouldn't say it was a break. It was jammed packed with activities.

The week started off visiting Grandmaman and Grandpapa on the weekend. They were getting ready to leave for Florida for a few weeks, so we made trek up to the Laurentian. Olivia was great. She is really starting to familiarize herself with the place and the people around her. She slept through heated discussions over 3 bottles of wine. At around 11ish, she started crying and Papa went up to settle her back down. Maman sat a bit longer in the kitchen and talked politics with another bottle of wine. :00 A great start to the March break!

We returned back home the next day, to find Tita Melissa waiting for us. She had come down for a couple of days to be with Miss O and I'm thinking to help me out a bit. Which A OKAY with me.I had 2 days to run around and do some errands before we left again for Brampton to see Lola and Lolo, and of course Ethan. Tita Melissa was a great sport watching Olivia while I got some things done at home. On Wednesday, we packed up the car again and we drove to Toronto. Unfortunately, Olivia slept for the first hour or so in the car, which meant a interesting car ride down. Let's just say, the DVD player was pretty much on for the whole ride. Which was fine in the end because Olivia hardly watched any TV while we were in Brampton (Please disregard the photo below....hahahah)

We had a wonderful playdate on Friday with Bella and Jake. Michica and I just gathered up the kids and brought them down to this fabulous playroom. Olivia was so excited! There was tons of new toys to play with. Bella and Jake were great hosts, and kept Miss Olivia entertained. At one point, they all decided to sit down at the table and colour. Tita Michica gave each of them crayons on the premise that they don't put them in their mouth. Yup, that lasted all of 2 minutes. Once 1 started, the other would follow, and then the other. hHahahhaha. Done. We packed them up and headed up stairs for our fabulour Swiss Chalet lunch. You can't go wrong with chicken and fries. Tita Michica did a great job in heading up the factory line of high chairs and filling their plates with food at a constant rate. The only problem was there were too busy watching TV and she was in the way. They were awesome! Love our playdates!

After Miss O got some playtime with friends and family, It was time for maman and papa to go and have some fun. Believe it or not, after a year we were able to do our first overnighter WITHOUT Olivia. There was a "sale" at the Pillar and Post and I just couldn't resist. It was a sign. So...Friday afternoon we packed up and left Olivia with Lola and headed down to Niagara-on-the-Lake. To add on to our 24 hour vacay without Olivia, we added a spa treatment too.

We left while Olivia slept. We gave that job to Tita Melissa. :0) And we drove off feeling just slightly guilty. Then it passes. WE arrived at the hotel and told ourselves we were going to make the most of our trip. We went to our favourite restaurant in the world (Stoneroad Grille). We had an amazing 6 course - 3 hour meal. We had just enough wine to make us sleepy so we could enjoy the rest of the night. We were so ready for a good night sleep. A night of sleep that didn't have Olivia rolling on top of us, or singing to us at 3:00 in the morning. Sure enough though, Martin slept well, I on the other hand, was somewhat restless. Guilt? Worry? I'm thinking it was just weird taking a minibreak without Olivia. That feeling left when I had the spa treatment the next morning.

The next morning, we woke up still full from our fabulous dinner. We had our spa treatments (separately because I didn't want the distraction). Then lazed around the dark waiting room and did a power nap on the huge comfy sofa. We decided to order some food and had breakfast in our robes. YAY! Before we knew it, it was was close to lunch and check out time. Sigh. It was a nice break. Martin asked if we wanted to have some lunch around the village or visit some wineries. But really...I just wanted to go home and see how Olivia was doing. We didn't make it back to Brampton until 4pm. Olivia not sure what to do when we knocked on the door and came in. Was she happy or angry at us for leaving her? The next couple of days...she was a little out of sorts. It didn't take her long to get back to routine. It was a busy March break - for everyone - but we did manage to squeeze in some downtime. YAY!.