Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Martin!

Have you ever wondered how life works in mysterious ways? How a series of events brings you to a certain point in your life? What a day....

First of all, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. Today he got the best gift ever. Today we got our referral call to let us know we have a baby GIRL waiting for us in Korea. IMAGINE THAT! Here is how the day went...

Typical day for me really. I did check my phone during morning recess, just out of the blue. You know when you have this feeling that you should be checking? Sooo..nothing at 11:15am. It was my planning time when I walked into my classroom and suddenly heard "ping" from my cellphone. I never get any news on my cellphone, and I was surprised that I heard it because my phone is buried in my bag in my desk. But I heard it. I went to check my phone and 2 numbers that I didn't recognize called. 2:17pm and 2:23pm. There was a voice message. i checked the phone and it was Maria telling me to call her back ASAP. Actually I heard the message and my hands started to shake. WHAT? WHY WOULD SHE BE CALLING? I JUST TALKED TO HER ON SATURDAY AT THE PARTY. Well..she left this message that was so quick that I had to listen to it again, but stupid phone and I was having trouble checking. Meanwhile, I guess she was trying to get in touch with Martin too. I finally got to write down the number and called her back. "Melanie? Are you ready for this? It's a GIRL!" WHATTTTTT????????

There was no way I was prepared for this phone call, especially since it was Martin's birthday and it was a girl. All these months we prepared for a boy. Yes, we knew there was a possibility for a girl, but chances were it was mostly boys. Soooo...a girl. My hands were shaking. I ran out of my classroom and it the office. I screamed out "IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!" to anyone who wanted to know. Between the crying and me saying it over and over I couldn't believe it. soon as I walked into the the office Martin was calling trying to get in touch with me. More tears from me and all my friends we were all soooo overwhelmed. I kept backing into the corner of the office because I was soooo overwhelmed. It was my security corner to save me from falling over. hahahha

Sooo..I ran to see other friends at different parts of the school. Poor kids, they thought something was wrong with me. "Why is she crying?" they would ask. Tears of joy and surprise.
And all this on Martin's birthday. A day we will never forget.

After changed forever. We had a baby girl waiting for us and it was no longer the two of us.

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