Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Madness

You know saying "March rolls in like a lion, out like a lamb...".  This was our month.  Papa travelled a lot this month, which means Maman, Olivia, and William also travelled.  We spent a lot of time in Brampton visiting Lola, Lolo, Tita, and the family and friends.  Yes, it was very (very) tiring for EVERYONE, especially Lola who would take the train 1 day and drive back to Brampton with me the next day. I figured once the kids are a bit older I could drive down by myself.  Lola was a huge help. Once there, I was able to sneak out here and there for coffee, but it was still kid-focused and we tried out best to keep them busy. 
The month started off by celebrating Nalina's (Olivia's BFF neighbour ) 3rd birthday.

First trip to Brampton - Week before March Break

We always try to fit in our play dates with Bella and Jake. It's always a fun time jam-packed with activities.

Then we got to visit Tita Melissa's 2nd grade classroom. It was pretty cool because it was in a portable.  Olivia loved being the centre of attention.

Another "play date" with Bella and Jake at Vaugn Mills. Tita Michica and I spent lots of money putting these monkeys on rides.  We treated ourselves in the end with some yummy gelato!

Back to Ottawa for some unexpected warm weather.  It reached a high of 23 Celsius that week. It was great. We put on our shorts and capris and played outside for many days.  We opened the sandbox for the first time this season. It was a hit.

Then back to Brampton.  Why?  Papa left for his race with Lance!  Go PAPA go!
Olivia and William didn't spend much time on the couch at Lola's house that's for sure. This was one of the rare moments that they weren't running around the house.  Luckily Lola and Lola have this great park around the corner for the kids to play. "The blue one!" - Olivia would always say. The grandparents also took Miss O on a bus ride. They rode the transit bus to Shopper's World and back (the ZUM!).  That was the highlight of the day.  She was exhausted by the end, but she loved riding on it. All these little experiences. hahahhahahah

Play date with Bella and Jake (with dinner!).  Tita Michica made some delicious pizza.  Then as a treat everyone had icecream sandwiches.  Then relaxed on the couch for some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

The next day, we took the kids to Square 1. Apparently the Disney store there was amazing!  Of course, Olivia gravitated to the Snow White toys.

They also had this huge screening room with tables and children were able to watch Disney movies. I think they can actually host "princess" parties there. Insane right?  Where's William?  Sleeping in the stroller. Totally missed all the fun.

There was a day where Lola and Lola had an appointment, so it was just Maman and the kids. Luckily there is a Chapters around the corner from the house. It's a great Chapters. Much more things for kids here than in Ottawa. Thankfully it was quiet and it made great time killer.  :0P

We also made it to Manang Verna's and Tito Sunny's. The kids were so happy to see Zoey and Xan Xan.  Tito Sunny treated us to dinner. Sushi!  I have to say they kids had their best dinner "behaviour" all week. Tito Sunny has that effect on everyone.  :0)

Now we are back home (for now). Easter is around the corner. There will be a couple of more trips in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. 

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