Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Month of June 2012

Well it seems even though I am on bed rest, I haven't had the time to update what is happening in our somewhat chaotic lives lately. A good friend Kate, reminded me that it has been a month since the last update, and everyone is aware how great Olivia's birthday party went. ahhahah.

June has been an exceptionally busy month, mostly for Papa because he's been super mom the last 8 weeks. Although family and friends have been so helpful these last few weeks, it is Papa who really stepped up to the plate. This year Father's Day had a whole new meaning.  I thought perhaps I would share the month of June with pictures.

The month started with William's first hair cut with Papa. Papa didn't want to pay the $15 for the cut so we decided to take this shaggy look shorter.  William was a trooper and sat patiently while Papa figured out how to use the electric shaver and craft scissors. :0P  We think he enjoyed the water spray bottle more.

In the end, Papa didn't do that bad of a job. Both were quite content.

For Father's Day, because grandmaman and grandpapa come down, Papa had some extra time to himself (although it was all training time).  But he came back well trained and ready to jump in the pool with the kids.  Not only did grandpapa fill up the new pool, he came back with other water activities for the kids to do. We had our own little splash pad here.

The end of June proved to be very busy as Olivia got ready for her end-of-the year concert.  She did a great job (no crying this time!).  She sang (or yelled) her Beatles rendition of "I want to hold your hand".

Yes, I was on bed rest but it didn't stop me to spend a lot of quality time with the kids. It's going to be a even more busy summer, but hopefully we'll all have fun.  Renovations start this week and throughout the summer. I know, I know...what were we thinking. Thank goodness for the warm weather and family and friends who are helping us through this. Can't wait to update some pictures.

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