Friday, December 21, 2012

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

Wow, I barely have caught my breath and we are into Christmas already.  Usually we don't start the Christmas festivities until Papa's birthday on the 30th, but since getting kids it has been starting earlier and earlier.  Olivia just couldn't contain herself anymore!  It all started with Clara's gift to them. She gave them an art kit to do a Christmas Advent Calendar.  Great gift!

So, On November 16th we put up the Christmas tree (without any elaborate decorations yet) but with just white lights. That was enough for Olivia and William. She was hopping with excitement that we were putting it up.  Tita Melissa, Lola and Lolo were on hand to help so it actually turned out great with the extra pair of hands (and eyes).  hahahah

The tree remained undecorated (except for the white lights) for awhile.  We would save that for another day. It was enough for the kids just to have it in the room.  Next step is for papa to put the Christmas lights outside.  The streets were already filled with lighted houses. Everyone was taking advantage of the warmer weather.

The following week we attended the annual Korean Christmas party (December 1). We love attending this function with all the Korean adoptee in Ottawa. It's like another family gathering. We've attended the Christmas party even before we got Olivia. Last year, I remember thinking how long did we have to continue waiting to get our travel call for William. Sure enough, it was a couple of days after that we got the travel notice and we were off to Korea. Now, this year we have 2 NEW attendees. It's so crazy just thinking how the year has progressed.

The party was a chance to reconnect with other families that we don't see often. It's also an opportunity to talk to other adoptee parents and share stories. It's always heart-warming to see new and old families.  We actually got to meet up with a new family that returned with their son.  We had dinner with this couple a year back as they were trying to decide if they should go through the adoption journey. Now here they are with their beautiful son.  It was wonderful to see.

While Martin socialized with the families, the kids were free running around, doing crafts, and playing. I was attached to Clara. This was her first real outing and she did very well. However, I was in the back most of time feeding. I got a quick break to eat or finish off the kids plate. Thankfully, there were many helpers looking after the kids while I was occupied so they enjoyed. We even got a Santa visit who gave out some Korean goodies. ahhahah Looking forward to next year.

When we came back from the Christmas party, we opened up our chocolate advent calendar. They were super excited. Olivia knew the deal with the calendar. She knew behind those doors was a chocolate.  

The next day, we celebrated an early Christmas with Nalina, Olivia's BFF next door. They are leaving for Thailand in the next week, so we decided to do our gift exchange early so the kids could enjoy their toys together before they left.  If it was a glimpse of what's to come, we were in trouble. hahaha The kids were so hyper and excited. Olivia and William already started fighting over toys. Sigh. The scene is like this: Olivia gets a doll with hair accessories and William gets some trucks.  William wants the doll and hair dryer. He grabs the hairdryer and doll, and fight ensues. ARGH.

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