Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 Days of Clara

Today marks 100 days of life for Clara. Normally we wouldn't acknowledge such a date but since having Olivia and William in our lives, it has become an important milestone in all our children's lives.  In traditional Korean culture, families would celebrate the "100th day birthday" because it was said that the first 100 days of life is the most difficult.  Olivia and William both celebrated their 100th day with their foster families and we are very thankful for that. In fact, I think we have pictures of Olivia's celebration with her foster family.

Clara has changed so much in the past few weeks. She is really recognizing familiar faces. She has such a cheerful disposition and is constantly smiling when sung or talked to.  She loves her sister very much and is delighted when Olivia interacts with her. She is not so keen on William's whininess right now and gets agitated with crying.  She is learning to grab hold of things. She is pushing her bottle away when she doesn't want it, and will hold it and pull it close to her when she is ready to eat. She loves her mobile in her crib. She loves to sit with us at the table while we eat our food. She doesn't like being left alone. This is a great stage because you can interact with her and she is starting to interact back.

We did no big celebration, but acknowledged it among our own family.  She is a miracle and a blessing and these past 3 1/2 months were wonderful.  Here is what I've learned in the last 3 months:

1. Newborn clothing - skipped it - she was too big - next time (which there won't be) - I wouldn't have bought so many clothes before she was born because she didn't end up using it. They really do outgrow things so fast. I've learned also that you want to put "big" on the baby because you don't want to fiddle around with their fragile arms and legs.

2. I always laughed when I heard my cousin bought a block heater for the bathroom when she bathed Zoey.  I found it odd and over mothering. But here we are - frigid winter in Ottawa - Clara hates the cold after the bath and I feel for her. A block heater would be nice for everyone in fact who comes out of a nice bath or shower.

3. Blankets - I laughed when I was doing laundry before Clara was born. I received so many blankets as gifts. Like really...how many blankets do I need?  Honestly, I use these blankets for everything!  I have thin ones, think ones, soft ones, fluffy ones, waterproof ones. It's great! I use them for tummy time, sleeping time, car rides, spit ups, change cloths etc.

4. At first I thought it was a frivolous purchase, but in the end, Clara loved having her butt wiped with WARM baby wipes. Great invention for those wee hour diaper changes.  They didn't shock the heck out of her to wake her up.

5. Working those muscles that I haven't used before - mostly in my arms from carrying the ridiculously heavy car seat around.  Then you dont' notice it really, but all the baby carrying week after week as she gains weight. You also use those arm muscles while you do the TRANSFER of sleeping baby into crib/bassinet/car seat - cautiously moving you arms so you don't wake the baby up.

6. COUPONS - I am a big coupon collector now for diapers and formula. It's crazy how much things cost now!  And...I have signed up on every ballot CONTESTS/give aways there are for baby items. Free is always good.

7. Never never leave home without the diaper bag.  It holds contents for all kinds of disasters.  These "moments" always come up when you are not prepared.

8. FANCY clothes - you don't really use them from 0-4 months. Onesies are the way to go. I hated using onesies with Olivia and William, they were such a hassle for a moving baby. But for Clara, she lives in them.  I understand why you need to more than usual.

9. NURSING PADS  - Why don't they sell them at COSTCO? It's ridiculous the amount I use. Then they come individually wrapped - so you have to unwrap them and then you have these wrappers everywhere.

10. SLEEP DEPRIVATION -  They weren't kidding. Right now I am going on 4 - 5 hours sleep on average - and that's not straight. Maybe 2 hours here, and then an 1 hour there, and then another 2 here. It's insane!  I get that comment "when the baby sleeps, you need to sleep".  I literally pass out with Clara. I understand now that I have become HOSTAGE to Clara's power naps. At this time, she can sleep 30 minutes - 2 hours. It depends. And sometimes, she has to sleep on me because the moment I put her down she wakes up. When she's up, I can't put her down because she wants to be in my arms.

Martin told me one night that I had a "good night sleep" because I was snoring. Really?  That's called PASSED OUT FROM EXHAUSTION. hahahhaha  I have say though, there is a reason why women are more sleep deprived than men. It's because when women are sleep deprived they muddle through somehow and make it through the day - taking care of the baby and household duties. Men...well I think they become super grumpy and intolerable.  :0P

All in all, life is good. Life with 3 kids under the age of 4 is crazy but I'm loving every minute of it. I feel very blessed today and everyday.  I can't imagine it any other way.

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  1. Happy 100 days! Clara looks healthy and happy~ congratulations on surviving the first 3 months of having a newborn. I was very tempted to buy the wipes warmer but had outlet issues:(