Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mother's Day (yes, posting In July)

Sigh..who knew having 3 kids would be this busy. Of course I knew, and my faithful readers assumed that this was the case.  I just wanted to make a short blog about my special Mother's day. We were very lucky to have out-of-town guests visit. My cousin from the Philippines and his wife made it to Ottawa despite their very schedule.  The kids were happy with the chaos in the home. hahahha  I was quite pleased that I could spend it with my "mommy" too. :0)

Because they had never been to Ottawa before, we did the tourist thing.  Actually doing the parliament and market with Olivia was quite fun. She enjoyed the Tulip festival and doing the sites with us. The Saturday evening, when the kids were all down the adults (minus the grandparents) stepped out to a pub for some catch-up time. That was pretty exciting.

The next day was Mother's Day. I had big ambitions to make this day about the kids and not just me. I chose a brunch at a hotel that had a KIDZONE (play area and pool). The idea was to have brunch with the family and then enjoy the hotel amneties. However in the end, we didn't quite have the energy to swim with the kiddos. hahahah. We played in the KIDZONE for a bit and then we noticed the kids were fading. It was too much excitement for a morning.

Wow, last year I celebrated William's first Mother's Day with us. It was a crazy time as I was bed rest carrying Clara. This year, we are celebrating Mother's day with Clara. How time flies. I have grateful and feeling blessed that I am a mother to these wonderful monkeys. Becoming a mother has been the greatest gift that life has offered.  

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