Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Today we went to a 100th day celebration. I've had 100th day celebrations in the classroom before, but this was not at school. This was to celebrate the 100th day of life in Korean culture. Tradition says that Koreans celebrate the 100th day of birth because many years ago babies didn't survive the first few months of life due to poverty, famine, or war. Culture says that if the child survives till the 100th day there is a good chance of a good quality of life.

At this party were family members, and traditional korean food, balloons, and presents. All typical things of a birthday party. It was great! We even had cake with candles.

As the presents were opened and the children dispersed around playing, I looked at baby Jacob who was sitting quietly in his vibrating chair. He had no clue what was going on but just sat there happily bouncing away. I looked at him and thought about Olivia's 100th day celebration. Where was she at that time? Was she able to celebrate it with her foster family. Did she have a cake and presents too?

I looked at Jacob and thought how wonderful it would have been to be there for Olivia's 100th day to see her as a quiet bouncing baby in a chair. hahahaha. As I smiled and played with Jacob, Olivia came and sat beside me and started saying "Baby!". We played with Jacob together, and I taught her to kiss Jacob's feet only. She laughed and thought it was a game. Jacob giggled every time.

Hmmm...Olivia would make a great older sister I thought in my head. She continued to play with him and then quickly got bored as the other kids were taking some cool toys out to play with. She stood up and walked (ran) away. It was a nice moment. I wish I captured it on video. Oh well. I'm sure there will be lots of babies for Olivia to play with. hahaha

It was a great evening. Now Olivia is down for the night. I just finished emailing our social worker about a date and time to meet for our 6 month follow-up report. The last visit from the social worker. Then the report gets sent to the government and we wait for that court date to finalize the adoption. I can't believe it's been 6 months already. I may have missed the 100th day, but I know I have many celebrations to come with Olivia. Yes, the 100th day is/was special. But everyday is special, and she's coming to her 182 days with us. Now that's something to celebrate too.

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