Monday, August 2, 2010

We tried a TRI!

This weekend, was the first triathlon that Olivia saw her Papa in. She was great for the most part. She saw him before his swim. She was more interested with the sand in between her toes and the water from the Bay. hahhaah. She did well watching her Papa make his turn around on his bike. But, she more interested in the babies and children cheering on the side. Then finally it was 11am and still no nap. I put her in the stroller and she wasn't happy. There was at least another hour before she would see her Papa at the finish line. Surely she was exhausted from waking up early and then walking all around the site. But no, she wasn't the least interested in taking a nap. After almost 20 minutes of off and on crying in the stroller, we decided to walk to the finish line and wait for Papa.

Of course you know what happened. As we got up the hill...silence. Olivia was fast asleep. SO much for seeing Papa cross the finish line. Next race I guess.

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