Saturday, September 25, 2010

7 months!

Today marked the 7th month of Olivia's arrival. She is as busy as ever. People are starting to nickname her the "energizer bunny", she keeps going and going. :0)
We've started swimming lessons, we have organized play classes on Tuesdays (Waldorf) and Thursdays (Tiny Hoppers). Then somewhere in between I have playgroups with some friends. I'm exhausted...but soooo happy.

As it turns out as well, on Wednesday we meet with our lawyer to sign papers for Olivia's adoption finalization. We sign, then it gets sent to some judge for "the stamp" and she will be finally ours "legally". Then we can file for Canadian citizenship. I mean she was ours since we got our referral back in November, but this makes it official I guess. We had the option of going to court and having the judge "officially declare" it out loud, but we would have had to wait a bit longer because we had to wait for a court date. The option we took was for our papers to be mailed to us once it is approved. Sort of anti-climatic that way, but we'll celebrate no matter what. It'll be a race to the post box every day to see when it comes in. hahahah Still can't believe that she's been home 7 months and it'll be almost a year since we got the referral.

Now, 7 months later, I am faced with trying to find daycare for Miss O. Who would be suitable? Who would be a good match for Olivia? Will she be loving, kind, and most of all patient with Olivia? Can she run? hahahhaha It'll be a weird feeling when I go back to work but I know it'll be good for me and Olivia. We just have to find the right placement.

The funny thing is, the other day I got an email from an agency telling me that I have a spot at one of their home daycare centres. I put my name on this centralized waiting list (yes, it's that bad) just as our dossier was sent to Korea. I didn't know what our timeline was, what gender our child would be, no birthdate, nothing.
I had to put a make believe name, birthdate, and daycare start date. I really didn't want to do it till I knew more, but my friends encouraged me to get on the list as soon as possible because daycare spots were impossible to find. Sooo I think way back in September I entered the "make-believe" information on the computer.

I thought for sure we would get a boy, so I named our baby "Olivier". I put down February 14th, 2009 as his birthdate (our anniversary). The date that I needed to start daycare was January 2011. I guess everything was wrong except my date to return back to work. hahahhaha. It was such a surprise to see an email for this agency (1 year later), and the subject line was "Daycare spot for Olivier". I thought the email was junk mail because they got Olivia's name wrong. :0P But then thought it could have been the daycare provider that I had emailed earlier who got her name wrong. I totally forgot about the centralized waiting list. It was weird how things came about. Almost a year after I entered that information, we have a baby girl Olivia not Olivier. The "birthdate" that I put down was going to be the date when we left to pick her up, but we moved our departure date to the 18th. What a turn of events! Can't imagine our lives without our baby girl Olivia.

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  1. WHAT day care??? i thought i was going to be Olivia's Nanny???? Maybe it is better this way...i was stressing out on the meals thing....and the french thing. the nap thing - i am a pro already:)