Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off to the Lawyers!

Today we had an appointment to the meet the lawyers and sign some papers. Yikes! We're thinking this is the last visit we have with this office. The papers are signed and will be couriered to the Court. We've paid off the remaining lawyer fees. Now what? Well...I guess we wait. We wait for this piece of paper with a red or gold seal on it to say we are officially Olivia's parents in the eyes of the Canadian government. Yes, we'll get the paper and it will be done, but more importantly it'll be easier for us to travel. She'll have her Canadian passport soon enough, and we won't have to carry CB/lawyers documents with us. It'll be under all 1 name. THE SAVARDS.

PS. Doesn't she look great in a lawyer's chair? No pressure though. :0)

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