Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Running For...

Today marked the kick-off run for Breast Cancer Awareness. Thousands of women, men, children walked the 5k to show solidarity and hope that one day there will be cure for breast cancer. Sadly, we are all affected by someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it's scary. Now, I have a family of my own and a daughter who I hope will never have to face that reality. Praying that a cure will be found sooner than later.

I usually do the walk with my co-workers and friends, but the couple of years people got busy, were out of town, or something just came up. This year was special. I got to walk it with my daughter and mother-in-law. Pretty in pink. It was amazing to see, just in Ottawa a sea of people with flags, balloons, boas, and clappers all running for a cause. Everytime I do this run/walk, I read other people's bibs - for a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend. The one I read today that got me was "I run for those who can't".

Today 3 generations walking for a cause. Yes, eventually Olivia managed to get out of the stroller to walk the last 100 meters with everyone. I think this will be something that as a family we will do every year. Today...I ran for my family and their future.

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