Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 2 - Full day today!

Well...the morning did not start off right. She went to bed early, and slept pretty well for the night. I was thinking it would be a fresh start to the day. However, Olivia is much smarter than that. Although she pretty much had a 12 hour sleep, I had a hard time waking her up this morning. When I did she was crying "Maman!". Sigh. She finally got up and wanted to read her books. Stalling!

She went to her playroom and sure enough she gave that look. The same look on the plane when we went to Florida. The "caca" look. early in the morning. This is strange. So I changed her and brought her down for breakfast. She had a hard time getting into her chair. She didn't want to eat her cereal. She didn't want her toast. She refused a bib. Whining throughout breakfast. Sigh...this is not good. I finally feed her more fruit and brought her up to change. Gave her my phone to play with and put on her snowsuit to leave.

The drive this morning wasn't too bad. I put some ELMO on because I wanted her to be in a better mood. I know I'm a sucker. :0P We got to the school just in time for outdoor play. Papa met us there so we could do this drop-off together. She was super happy getting out of the car. We walked together towards the playground. That's when she saw Miss Crystal and the other kids. SHE STARTED TO WAIL. heart broke. Tears and tears came and she was crying "maman!" all the time. The teachers finally took her and brought her in the gated playground and we said our goodbyes and walked away.

Today was a brutal. Waves of emotion for me. It was funny because the other parents sensed we were having a hard time. A parent said "Don't worry. It happens all the time. She'll be fine in 3 weeks". I'm thinking...wait a sec...I only have 2 weeks till the Christmas break. 2 other mothers approached Martin and I by our cars and told us it was going to be fine and she'll adapt. I knew that she would adapt eventually, but right now she was crying for me. Ugh.

Now I'm at home and feeling a tremendous amount of guilt because I have the whole day without Olivia. What am I going to do? I'm so used to planning my day around her schedule. I'm at a loss. The first thing I did when I got home this morning was open up my email and noticed GAP was having a sale. I felt like going shopping. That's my thing. Bored and feeling makes me feel better. hahahhaha I actually didn't buy anything though. I miss her terribly. But I guess I will keep myself busy today.

I'm looking at the clock now...10:11am. She's having snack. I hope she's eating. sigh. Anyways..I guess I'll jump in the shower. A luxury for me because I don't have to rush today. Yay! I'm sure the day will be fine. She'll cope. I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon.

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