Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marty touching base...

Hi everyone, things are moving so fast.......I now understand when people are saying to enjoy and cherish every moment with your kids....
I'm seriously thinking to put a video recorder in our room (yes, Olivia does spend some night with us) when I can record those 3AM singing/clapping...and kissing screaming papa, papa!
(after mama told her to go see Papa!) she is just so,  well...I'm the luckiest guy ever.

I remembered in our Adoptalk session when they where talking about the length of time that children take to adapt to there new environment, (out of the stage of regression) and when to start parenting with "stronger" guidelines.
I asked how long it typically takes and when do you know? the answer was usually 4-6 months but this is a inexact science, could be shorter or longer....then I ask well when do you know ? so your are told to be attentive pay attention, and that well, you"ll know......
at the time I was like "well that's a helper!!!!!"
First time parent here! I don't even know why Mel (and women in general I might say..;-) give you the silent treatment!...but guess what?
I KNOW!!!!! Miss O is quite, well how can I say....like papa.
Let's just say that she clearly nows the word "non" (No), "viens ici" (come here) et "ca suffit" (that's enough)..because she does oblige, listen then...
well talk back and tap on her hips!!!!ahhhh girls!!!
I got to say it's hard to keep a straight face because she is so funny when she get' s grumpy!
It's always amazing when I shared with my mom, some of Olivia's little "adventure" how she laughs and tells me I shouldn't be surprise!..but i'm sure I didn't talk back that much!

Just when I think it can get any better...well it does!

Anyway here's some picture we had taken by a professional photographer at the TO baby show....I had to share!...

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  1. OMG Miss Olivia's first portrait!!!!! How wonderful!!!! I just want to squish her here!!!