Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday (started this post Monday..you know..duty calls and I never got back to the computer)  I celebrated my first Mother's day.  Hard to believe after all these years...I would get some phone calls, cards, and greetings sent my way.  It's still hard to believe  I have these precious baby girl who calls me "Mama".  I'm a mom.

Martin asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do for Mother's day.  What have I done for my mom in the past?  What have my friends done for Mother's day?  A spa day?  A girl's night out?  Well...no.  I want to spend it with my baby of course!  :0)  I want to spend every minute of the day with her because on this day, it meant so much more. 

We went to grandmaman and grandpapa's house on Saturday.  On our way back, Martin and I had a talk (which we always do - love road trips because of these conversations).  We talked about the birthmother and even though we don't think they celebrate Mother's day like we do here, I'm sure she has taken some time to reflect on her choices that she had to make.  We acknowledged that she did carry Olivia for those 9 months and gave birth to our baby girl.  And with deepest respect, we thank her for that gift of life. 

To the foster mother who cared for Olivia those past 4 months while she was waiting for us to get her.  She loved and cared for Olivia with the best of ability.  We are forever grateful for being her guardian angel. 

For me on Mother's Day - I celebrated with Olivia...that I have her and she has me.  The day I found out about Olivia was my true Mother's Day because my heart overflowed with love and I made a promise to be the best mommy I can be.  So, I ended up spending the day with Olivia and papa.  It was perfect.

I slept in with Olivia.

We opened our gifts together.

We played.

We played some more.

Okay...papa played too.

It was a perfect day... because I'm a mommy now to an amazing baby girl.

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