Monday, January 24, 2011

Elmo and Olivia

Yesterday was Olivia's first concert experience. When Papa first heard of the Sesame Street coming to Ottawa it was a week before the concert, so the VIP tickets were sold out fast. So Papa, got the next best seats in the house...floor and the last row...beginning aisle. The only drawback was..the concert was at 1:00pm. Olivia's nap time.

The day started off well, except that it was -25 degrees outside. It was frigid. I bundle Olivia so much that we had to adjust the carseat straps to put her in. When we arrived at ScotiaBank Place, we immediately walked in and found a long line in front of a vendor stand. Of course. Tons of parents and kids waiting in line to get some Elmo paraphernalia. We became one of them. Thank goodness they only accepted cash, because Papa would have bought more. Needless to say, we came out with an Elmo soccer ball, a stupid light-up toy (which can be a safety hazard because it has plastic thingys spinning around), and oh yes...a souvenir program. But it was Olivia's first concert. We wanted it to be memorable. Yes, we are suckers.

After spending some money, we decided to walk down to our seats. Olivia was just amazed by all the kids moving around. She was in heaven. Then she caught a glimpse of this huge colourful stage. I am sure it peaked her interest even more. Then Big Bird's voice came over the speaker "Hello boys and girls, only 15 more minutes!". She looked everywhere to find where that voice was coming from. As were getting settled (taking our layers of clothes off), Olivia's BFF and her parents arrived. Her BFF from next door actually got seats right beside us and Olivia was ecstatic. She was stomping around from the get-go screaming "Hi Nalina!" - which was for Nalina and Nalina's mom - Fa, who she calls both by the same name. Sigh. One day we'll get it straight. hahahah

Then the lights dimmed, and Olivia found her spot on Papa's lap. All of sudden out came Elmo and friends. Olivia didn't say a word. Here they were dancing and singing around, and she was speechless. We were shocked. We were thinking...oh great..she's really tired...she'll fall asleep. This maybe was not a good idea. But, it may have taken about 10 minutes for the concert shock to set in and Olivia was screaming for ELMO. hahahah. We were relieved that she was actually enjoying the show. She was probably thinking... this Elmo guy is huge! By the end of the show, Olivia was dancing and stomping in the aisles. It took everything to get Papa to stop her from running up the stage.

It was a great concert. Short and sweet. Colourful and musical. It was a perfect introduction to a concert for Miss O. I think she had a blast. When the show ended, we bundled Olivia up again and raced to the car. Of course she was fighting because she couldn't move in all her clothes. As soon as drove out of the parking lot, she was fast asleep. She was out. Papa and I decided to go for a coffee and wait it out. In the middle of our "coffee break", Olivia started clapping her hands and yelled "Yay! Elmo! Yay!". But the funniest thing was she was fast asleep. HAHAHHA. She was still in concert mode in her dreams. Poor thing. We weren't sure whether to clap our hands too or just to turn around and ignore so she could go back to asleep. After 45 minutes in the car, she woke up as happiest as can be. As for Papa and I, we were exhausted. But we wouldn't want it any other way. It was a perfect day.

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