Monday, January 3, 2011

Parental Leave Over...back to work. :0(

The only good thing about going back to work today was the fact that it was a holiday for everyone else. Sigh. Most if not all government and banks were closed today, which meant I didn't have to fight the traffic in the morning. I was able to start my first day with a little less stress. I didn't have to wake up Miss O early in the morning. She slept in till 9am. I didn't have to rush her to school. She stayed and played with Papa. In that case, that was great. I could start my first day and really focus on my work.

I was pretty anxious about going back to school. I wasn't sure what to expect. Would I remember everything? DId I forget how to teach? Will the kids like me? Deep down inside I was thinking "Will Olivia miss me during the day?". Sigh As it turns out, I haven't forgotten how to teach. Not so worried about whether or not the kids like me. I was happy to be in my class, my routines, my things. I was happy to be with my fellow teachers and friends. You stuff. I was tempted several times during the day to call and check in. But decided against it because I knew Papa was having a blast.

Well..Olivia did have a blast. A little too much so I hear. Apparently she was "active" all day. She slept maybe an hour in the afternoon even though she was racing around Starr Gym for 40 minutes non-stop. Needless to say, she went down easy tonight. Thank goodness, because tomorrow is the big day. Day 2 at work (with everyone else in the city going back as well) and Olivia starting school for "real" now. I'm a bit anxious about how the morning will go. I'll have to remind myself to pack some breakfast cereal bars and snacks for the morning ride. She hasn't been a great breakfast eater lately. Frustrating...but at least she likes these bars.

Tomorrow will be a test. Tomorrow will be the day. I better get some rest.

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