Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011!

After our Savard Christmas, we drove to Brampton to celebrate the Ortiz Christmas. We arrived around 7ish and had a great traditional filipino dinner. When we walked in, to our surprise, she yelled out "Hi Lolo, hi Lola!". We were stunned. Where did that come from? Here we were all worried that she would be anxious about her new surrounding again, but she quickly recognize everyone and even her fish DORTHY. We were definitely off to a good start.

The next day, Papa had to go to work we had a relaxing day at home. I don't know how relaxing it was. Olivia and Ethan were running all around the house all day. However, she did manage a 2 hour nap. No kidding. The next day, we were planning to go to Buffalo to do some boxing day shopping, however, there was the Juniour World Champtionships playing in Buffalo, and borders were awful. It was a sign. Don't spend money. We decided to go to Square 1 which was pretty insane. Then we had lunch at our favourite bakery Panera. We rushed home to put Olivia down for a nap. While Olivia was sleeping, Papa and I slipped out for a late afternoon outing and then had a date night. We didn't go anywhere fancy. We went to The Keg by the house, but it was a good meal and good conversations. We came and rested. There were still lots of party preparations to be done.

Friday was a "quiet" day, but a busy one. Lola and Lolo started early with cooking food. We were busy arranging the house and the table to make room for all the food. Food had to be prepared, food that was ordered had to be picked up, and food had to be arranged. The whole day revolved around making sure everyone had enough food to fill their bellies till midnight. Thank goodness Tita Jen was around to help look after Olivia because our hands were pretty tied up with all the food preparation. hahahahha

We tried to put Miss O down for a nap and we were hoping that it would be a long 2 hour nap. 3'oclock came around and she was still up, and guests were supposed to arrive at 4. She finally fell asleep and I was free to help around the kitchen. course, as luck would have it, she only slept for an hour. Sigh. We knew then she wouldn't be able to make it till midnight.

The night continued on, with relative after relative. It was like the old days. Olivia was having a great time with all her cousins and the food! As midnight approached, the relatives started making their way home so they could be in their own homes for the new year. The last remaining families were Tita Lucy, the Ortiz clan, the Corros clan, and the Rathore clan. Olivia went down around 10pm. Even with all the noise downstairs, she slept right through it. She was exhausted.

As midnight rolled around, Martin and I walked upstairs to be with our little blessing. This time a year ago, we prayed that she would be with us soon. Here she was, sleeping like an angel, ready to start a new year with us. Everything in the world was perfect at that moment. We heard the "Happy New Year!", and at that moment we did a big family hug in the bedroom - Mama, Papa, and Olivia. We gave her a kiss and whispered "I love you and Happy New Year!" in her ear then we went downstairs to greet the rest of the family.

What a year. I pray that this new year will be as wonderful as the last. This the first of many new years for Olivia and us. Life is wonderful.

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