Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surprise News in Orlando!

After a wonderful vacation (in the sweltering heat), we found ourselves sweating even more 10 minutes before our flight back to Canada. We had just finished a yummy lunch at the Tex Mex restaurant in the airport. We decided to tire out Miss O a bit by having her run all the way down to the gate. All you could her "i'm going to catch you Papa!", with a few stumbles of exhaustion here and there.

When we arrived at the gate, we had a few minutes to rush to the washroom and change her diaper. As Olivia and I were looking out the glass window for planes, I see Martin hailing me down. He had somewhat a disbelief look on him. I was kind of worried. Then he yells out "It's Shelley!". Okay...we knew we had some cheque to deliver to the lawyers this week. Maybe it was just a reminder. But, Martin kept calling me to come over while laughing and saying "Oh my god!". At that point, my heart started beating a little bit more faster, I was shaking. I was staring Martin down trying to see if this what it really meant. Meanwhile, Olivia has bolted down another aisle of chairs. I grabbed her and ran over to Martin.

Just looking at the expression on his face confirmed my suspicion. We have a son. Just after sending the dossier to Korea 2 weeks ago. We JUST mailed our sponsorship to the government before our trip. OMG! Could this be happening so quickly???? And it has. In disbelief, we just stared at each other. There were tears of joy and I felt I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs that we had a baby boy! An announcement like this I guess wasn't appropriate airline lounge ettiquite. So we just hugged and cried and hugged and cried and laughed in shock.

After this news, we had to board our plan. We literally were trapped on the plane for 3 hours without any family and friends to talk to about our news! It was brutal. Martin did manage to get hold of his parents just before we took flight. I, on the other hand, had my family still travelling back. So they were still in transit and I couldn't get hold of them. It was so very frustrating.

Well..we managed to get Miss O down and we cried again. By this time, Shelley had sent pictures and we just couldn't stop staring at his pictures. Can I say DISBELIEF again? God, he's gorgeous. We can't stop crying in joy. So much for sleeping on the plane. My head is pounding with exhaustion and joy. My heart is pounding full of love. This was the most emotional plane ride to date, other than the plane ride home with Olivia. Another journey, unexpectedly early, but equally emotional and overjoyed with our baby boy.

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