Monday, August 15, 2011

W is for Whirlwind and William

What a whirlwind 2 weeks. We went from finding out about William, to appointments with doctors, lawyers, and shopping. The last one I couldnt' resist. I tried to fight the temptation of buying him stuff, but I was in baby mode. Plus I had to get a package to him ASAP with lots of goodies - making sure we spoil him because we are not there yet.

We just signed off our Motion to Accept this referal with our social worker (like there was any doubts). It was just a formality. Again, this recommendation from the social worker goes to the Ministry. Then we wait for our Letter of No Objection. Again, who would object. William has Martin's hair!

It's been so busy the last couple of weeks, not only with William's referral, but summer stuff. You know, playgroups, picnics, visitors etc. It's been an awesome summer, and there's a pang in my heart knowing that William has missed it all and it might take a couple of months for him to come home. Part of this feeling comes from getting a updated report already on William. There is a developmental checklist and some words from the social worker about how he is progressing. Ugh, he's grown so much and I can imagine the things he's learning and trying to do. Plus...there's aDVD. We haven't watched it yet, as there was a "mix-up" in the mail. Sigh...very frustrating. But we are trying to be very patient. That should come this week. I just pray that the LONO comes sooner and we will be able to travel sooner than expected.

In the meantime, William has gotten some gifts from friends and family already - a cool trainset and some cute overalls. Wow, a boy! I'm still in disbelief this has happened so fast. It's such an amazing feeling knowing that I will have a son - apparently a totally different animal than girls. hahahahha

My little boy, you are are constantly in our thoughts. We love you so much already. Praying that we see each other soon.

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