Sunday, November 27, 2011

And Then There Was The Backyardigans

Move over Elmo...the Backyardigans have taken over the Savard household! (And yes, we did spend on silly souvenirs).

Today we went to Olivia's 2nd show, The Backyardigans.  It was great!  I don't know where this obsession with The Backyardigans came from.  Well... I know where it started. It came from Olivia's BFF (Nalina our neighbour). Whenever we came over to the house, we would see/hear it in the background. Nalina loved it and she would dance around copying the characters.  I have to say it's a great show. The premise being that kids don't need all these toys to entertain them, every adventure can begin in the backyard using your imagination. Love it! It's actually a perfect concept for our Olivia, who would rather spend hours outside than inside.

Anyways, Olivia didn't really care for the show in the beginning. Mind you, she will watch it briefly or listen to it in the background, but to sit through an entire episode is somewhat rare.  What got her going was the day we picked up 2 stuffed characters at a consignment store. That was it. She was hooked. She carried them around, sang to them, talked to them, and even put them in time out!.  We always ask her why they are in timeouts, and it's because "They were running!  No running Tasha!" or "Uniqua hit Tyrone".  Yikes...the things she picks up at school.

Soon after that, I picked up 2 more characters from Ebay. The last one, Pablo, came last week in the mail. He was the only one missing so we couldn't wait till Christmas to give it to her. Now she is complete and carries them everywhere. We have a "discussion" on who she is going to bring to bed EVERYNIGHT. "Just 1 Olivia!" But she loves them, we love the concept. Why not indulge?  :0P

The concert was great. She was a bit unsure in the beginning. She tried the "Peepee in the toilet Maman!" thing right at the beginning of the show (and she had just went). I quickly figured out, she was scared and she wanted out.  Then out came the ADULT-sized backyardigans and the intro song. She was stunned. hahahahha.

She quickly got over her fears and started clapping away. Soon it was "Where's Tasha?  Where's Tyrone?" etc - with her hands out in disbelief.  Then she would start yelling "Hi Tasha!  Hi Uniqua! Hi Tyrone!  Hi Austin!  Hi Pablo!!!!"  It was priceless. She knew every character. We had great seats too.   Close to the front and centre. Great theatre for kids because they offered boosters for the wee ones too. Both Nalina and Olivia were both holding on to their stuffed Tyrones all throughout the show.  Olivia's bought from Ebay for $5 and Nalina's was bought at the show for $15. Crazy.

By the end of the show, Olivia was off her seat dancing away and wishing it wouldn't end.  But it did, and we left to go eat sushi. hahahahah.  Great family night.  Hoping that William will like to watch Backyardigans too and I can reuse these toys when Olivia is out of this phase (maybe not the Uniqua costume)  hahahhaa.  Better yet, they will be the perfect little pair and constantly play in the backyard using their amazing imaginations and come up with their own adventures and not play with these toys.  :0)  We'll just have to wait and see.  Sigh, another wonderful night without William home yet. But there will be more shows, more family nights like this one so i'm not too disappointed.  I wonder which fabulous kid show will we watch next?

Aside:  Yes...sigh. That is a big big bruise on Olivia's cheek.  During the day today she was jumping in the bed and slammed right onto the bedrail wainscotting on the wall.  It immediately swelled up and bruised. Stay tuned to see if a black eye came about. Sigh.  (Pretty sure everyone one was smiling and staring at Olivia at how cute she looked in her Uniqua costume, but i'm pretty sure everyone also glanced at her cheekbone. It was pretty hard to miss).

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