Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing New

I just wanted to have the historic date stamp on this blog. I know it's probably a bit silly, but hey, when the kids look back at this blog they can say it was cool. (well...maybe not, but I do).

Might as well share my newsworthy day today. :0P
Typical Friday at school. There was a Remembrance Day celebrations.
Picked up Miss O, who by the way is toilet trained - not even 2 1/2 months (but that's another blog).
We all went to Costco.
Came home and ate homemade pizza (yum!) - except for Olivia who ate at all the food vendors at Costco and tasted everything from chocolate to crackers to pasta. Sigh...I know it's our fault she didnt' have an appetite for dinner.
Then bath and dodo.

Aside:  Although it looks like a plain ordinary day - something very exciting happened to me during my lunch break.  As I was leaving the mall (because I had to buy my lunch today), I ran into Susie. Her lovely family just came back from Korea about a month ago with a little sister for Benjamin. Isabelle was just adorable!  Happy as can be, and babbling like crazy.  This surprise encounter came at a great time, when I was just at the height of my anxiousness about news about William. I was dying to hear travel news, wondering everyday everyhour how he was doing. I was worried about what I was missing, and how big he was going to be when he came home.  That all went away when I saw Isabelle. She was the cutest little thing - still unsteady on her feet, babbling, curious, and active. I'm sure she was still wearing her size 12 month clothing. hahahhaa.  It was just great to see someone home with their baby. It gave me some hope that we will be there soon. We will soon all be reunited.  It speared me into asking her tons of travel questions, adjustment issues etc.  I am excited again - rather than depressed that we didn't hear anything yet. It was news that I needed to have today.  It has made all the difference, and I know I can wait patiently (not too much more) for our travel call.

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