Saturday, November 26, 2011

Marty's take..and it was 2 years ago!!! (well in a few days!)

Hi everyone, as we are getting ready to go back to Korea for Olivia's little brother (really soon Hopefully) , I just realize how time flies by and how things are today.
November 30th 2009 we got the news about our amazing baby girl, 2 years later , the time for her to get a baby brother can't come soon enough..for her own good;-) let's just say that she is not taking all of Papa's good influence! a few pics of those early years!!!!

un clin d"oeuil (wink) for Grand Papa
 Good potty training ( as per Papa mentoring) (and yes this is a triathlete magazine! that she pick on her own!)
 Never too early to shoot some pucks!
 Just chillin!
 Afternoon Nap..Awesome
 Love rewards..I want more Medaille!
 GO PACKERS! now that's a SuperBowl Party
 LOVE Papa Newton Shoes! RUN RRUN RUN
 Let's get those candy out!
 Much easier to RUN!
 Hummmmmm carb load!
 Still carb loading!
 Where is Olivia?
 Can you see the Giraffe?
 Men those marshmallow are awesome!
 Olivia is working with Papa
 Jump jump jump
 Silly sillly!
 Yep, that's my kind of car!
Good Mechanics! thank you Newtons!..

Sleeping papa Style!
 Open water Swim Training!
Dry land Swim practice!

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