Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Flew like a Blink of an Eye

August was the month filled with little trips around the city. I honestly could not have done it by myself. Thankfully friends, family, and outside helped make the month of August somewhat bearable and fun.  This month seemed to be a month as well for the kids to really take notice of what is happening to Maman's belly. Baby Savard has "popped" out in the last month and the kids couldn't help but rub my tummy for good luck. :0)  I have to say, that I am counting my blessings everyday that we have made it this far. Although the road has not been smooth, support and prayers have helped us get to this point. As I am writing this blog now I am 31 weeks along. Goodness, 2 more months!

Not only did we have a busy summer doing things with the kids, there were lots going on in the basement. Sigh...renos. We keep telling ourselves it's going to be all worth it in the end. At least, Olivia and William have made friends with the contractors in the basement. And...most importantly they have slept through all the renos during their afternoon naps.

Like I said before, family has been a key this summer. Helpful and attentive, they helped me get the rest  I needed and the entertainment the kids needed, and...the time for Papa to do the things he needed to do without worrying about the family.  Even Tita Melissa didn't get a break. After 2 weeks in Europe, she came to Ottawa to help out for another few weeks.

Although I was somewhat limited in mobility, we tried to engage the kids in activities. Crafts, bubbles, water activities, and ya...and ice cream made August run more smoothly.

Olivia and William were able to spent more quality time with cousins that we only see once a year.  It was great for eveyone.

Chapters also had story telling and activities for the kids.  Can you believe Snow White made an appearance for story time. No need to travel to Disney World!!

Of course, for those few rainy days in August, we brought the kids to the wonderful invention of "indoor play grounds".  It costs a bit, but well worth the kid energy spent.

And of course, when all the adults are spent and just need to relax, there was TV with snacks. A lifesaver.  Yes, this was a rare moment.

Our last few days of summer we spent outside, enjoying the warm sun. 

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