Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ironman Tremblant and the Olympics

So this entry comes a month late, but it is a memorable event. I had to blog about it.  This was my first "roadtrip" out of Ottawa in months. I was pretty excited.  This was also William's first Ironman race with the family. This was Olivia's second (her first one was all the way in Penticton, BC).  We weren't sure how it was going to be this time around. Me not really mobile, staying in a a beautiful chateau in Tremblant, and 2 toddlers.  Thank goodness Tita Melissa came along with us to help out.  

We left Wednesday afternoon and got to the "house with the big TV" around 5ish. The house was gorgeous and there was so much room for the kids to move around. A bit too much room for Olivia. She was racing from one room to another saying "wow!" and William trying to catch up. Although she loved the room with the big TV (the theatre room we call it) downstairs, their special place was a little corner bench tucked away in the kitchen. There they were fascinated by the shape of bench and table, but also the scenery.  Quickly they made it theirs and place their toys on the window ledge, right beside 3 cast iron little mice figurines. Forgot to mention, another highlight was the huge walk-in shower they loved. 

Once we got somewhat settled, we drove to a grocery store to do some shopping.  Then we ate at this great restaurant that had the best steak and frites. It was quite the first day of travelling, but the kids were awesome.  The next day, Papa had to register onsite.  The village was about 10 minutes from the house, so that wasn't bad. 

Our first stop when we did the arrived at the race site in the Tremblant village,  was find a double stroller. Yes, in all our packing...we couldn't fit a stroller in the car. There was too much stuff. Thankfully, on site you could rent a double chariot stroller!  Yes it was $35 for the day...but sooo worth it with 2 active toddlers.

After we toured the site, Papa went to register for his race. Maman went to register Olivia and William for the 1K fun run. Paid $10 for a bib and chance to get a medal in the end.  The idea sounded like a lot of fun. And...we all know Olivia loves to run.

Sadly, after 30 minutes of coaxing, Olivia did not want to race.  I think she was kind of overwhelmed with the crowds and the loud music. She wasn't ready for this big even yet.  Maybe next year. There's still a runner in her. We decided to just to cheer on the other kids from the sidelines and congratulate them at the finish line.

Friday night was Pasta night. 2000 athletes in a white tent doing a carb load.  William went to visit Grandmaman and Grandpapa, and got to stay overnight. The crazy long night was not for him.  I don't think it was for us either, but Olivia hung in there.

Tita got to have her Beaver Tail fix too!

Race Day!  Papa woke up early for his race. We ended up getting up later, and took a shuttle to the race site. It was impossible to drive in anyways. The Ironman race took Tremblant by storm, and the only way in and out was a shuttle.  We were full force with baby sitters that day - Tita Melissa, Grandmaman, Grandpapa, and eventually Jean-Pierre and Francine showed up to support Martin.

After we saw Papa start his run (surprised him!). We found a spot at a cafe and had lunch. Well...the kids had "treats", and the adults had lunch.  For the last few hours, while waiting for Papa, we walked, we ate, we got rained on, and walked again. Thank goodness for the 2 single strollers grandmaman brought.

After a long day, we were able to see Papa at the finish line. Both kids were excited to see Papa in his gear. The kids did a great job today.  They both hung in there and enjoyed the race and pace of this Ironman. Next Papa, signed up again for the same race. Unfortunately, we won't be staying at the house "with the big TV".  We are going to staying onsite. This will be a bonus because there will be 3 kids to look after and entertain during Papa's race. Yikes!!!!!  Congratulations Papa!  We were so proud of you.

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