Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Eve Before Baby Savard Arrives

Well here I am munching on Alison's famous cookies. I am fully taking advantage of the "do not anything after midnight" rule.  Our bags our packed, Olivia is nicely tucked in our bed for the night, William tucked in his bed with his pillows, and soaking up the moment of our family of 4 for the last night. We've prepped the grandparents of the week's events for daycare.  We've prepped Olivia of my hospital stay, and told her she would be able to visit on Wednesday.  We've' bought gifts from Baby S. for the Olivia and William (thinking it would be a nice touch).  What else?

Still can't believe the day has come. 10 months ago, we became a "forever family" of 4, when we picked William. It was an incredible and exciting time for our family. I remember feeling a bit sad that our family was again changing from a family of 3 to 4.  But it was tears of joy when William became ours and it was always the right decision for our family to adopt again.  What a blessing he was that he came to our lives.  Now here we are, not even a year preparing for another addition to our family. A birth.  Never though this could or would happen, but it has. Life is truly mysterious and God above wanted us to continue to grow our family.

As everyone close knows it has not been a smooth journey, and yet it was a journey that changed our lives in a way we couldn't imagine. The other night, Olivia kept talking about her little sister that would soon arrive.  She would read books with her and play.  For months now, the 2 monkeys have been watching us prepare for Baby to arrive.  Little dolls and stuff animals filled the bassinet, crib, and car seats the few weeks.  They are excited... Olivia more so than William :0).  We tried to take this opportunity of this birth to explain to Olivia about her journey to us. How she and William were born in our hearts and not in maman's tummy.  Did she get it?  I don't think so. hahahah

She remembers going to Korea to pick up her brother William.  She has the photos to remember. It will be interesting to see how she makes of a baby coming out of maman's tummy or at least not travelling to Korea to get her. hahahha Also sharing maman's and papa's bedroom will be huge. But she knows that once Baby comes,  I will be able to carry her on my lap again and run. One thing I have missed in the last few months was carrying the kids and having them play in my arms.  I know William probably doesn't know any different because my bed rest happened so early and he must be used to me not carrying him :0(. It was hard and I missed it.  I can't wait till I am fully recovered to do that again. Wow...3 kids to carry in my arms!  Just thought about it.  It truly is a miracle.'s 9:30pm and this time tomorrow our family of 4 will now become a FOREVER FAMILY of 5.  The Savard journey continues.  This is what always meant to happen I guess.

Thank you to all our family and friends who have been so supportive during our journey this year. Your continued prayers and thoughtfulness has meant so much to our family. Thank you from the bottom of hearts.

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  1. Soooo happy for your family as it grows from 4 to 5! Good luck tomorrow and can't wait to meet Baby Savard!