Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Hospital Stay

I have to say our first night wasn't that bad.  I thought it would be awful because when they wheeled us in at first, in the bed across from us was a mother who looked like she opened up a flower shop. There were plants and flowers all over her side. Yikes...that meant she has a lot of visitors. This was the reason why we really wanted a private room. We thought it would be wise to have a few quiet days with our newborn - mama, papa, and Clara. Just so we could get settled in the newborn phase.

Luckily, the family was leaving and soon we would have the room all to ourselves.  We meet our nurse Alyssa, who was very sweet and accomodating. I have to say all the nurses were wonderful and very attentive. They found Martin the coveted COT so he could spend the next few days more comfortably. Before there was just a chair that reclined.  We quickly got in the groove of things- breast feeding, swaddling, changing diapers.  It was all so odd because I still couldn't move my lower part of my body, and putting a 10lb baby on my tummy to breast feed was a little sore.

But I have to say, it was pretty cute watching papa being ever so gentle and cautious changing Clara and carrying her around.  It was a relief too that he was staying with me at the hospital because other than the nurses to help, there was no one.  Papa was such huge help because I didnt' have the slightest clue how to raise a newborn. Olivia and William were so much easier when they came home. :0)

Lolo and lola came to visit by lunch time on Tuesday. Clara's first visitors!  They were overjoyed and tears of joy filled the room. They took turns holding her and rocking her while Martin stepped out to udpate Facebook hahhaha, and take a little break.  Then it was time for Papa to learn how to swaddle Clara properly.  It truly is an artform that nurses have mastered. With papa, it was like wrapping a gift (that moved a lot).

By the evening time, the wheeled another lady in. However, this lady was pretty adamant that she wanted to go home. She had the sleepy baby that didn't cry at night. hahahhaa. But I think her intention really was to leave the hospital as soon as she gave birth, but she was advised by her doctor to stay at least the night for observations. Hell, I would stayed 2 weeks at the hospital!  I didn't understand why she wanted to leave! hahahhaha  Anyways..by morning she was discharged and we were alone again but not for long.

But by mid afternoon, Martin had worked his "charm" (he says), and got us a private room. It was "THE" room to get apparently. All the staff who gave birth at the Civic always requests this room. It was at the end of the hallway beside the nurses lounge. It faced Carling Ave. and had windows all around with a private washroom and shower.  It was great. It wasn't big, but it was the coziest room in the ward. It was there that we had our best nights sleep and welcomed our first visitors.

On our 3rd day at the hospital (Wednesday), the nurses said we could give Clara a bath. We kind of stared at her thinking "Umm..you mean..you're not going to do it?".  She brought in the little pan to wash her and we thought there was no way she would fit into it. How the heck do you this with a newborn. Olivia and William were practically swimming on their own when we got them home. A newborn was so much more fragile.  We quickly learned that Clara did not like baths to much and the cold. I don't blame her. Look at the size of the washing basin they gave us!

By the afternoon, grandmaman and Francine came for a visit. They brought lots of goodies for the kids and Martin was able to take another break. A break that led him home  to take a real shower and change of clothes. When he came back, he brought BIG SISTER OLIVIA with him. Olivia was super excited to see me and her new baby sister. She immediately wanted to hold her and play with her. It was the cutest thing. There Olivia opened her gift FROM CLARA.  We thought it would be a great idea to have something from Clara to her sister and brother to make them part of this special day. 

Clara had a very busy day, but she was very content.  We learned also she was always content sleeping on maman.  I totally didn't mind.  I dont' think the slept more than an hour in her little baby bed at the hospital.  We had a wonderful stay at the hosptial. All the nurses were exceptional and were a big help. We really didn't want to leave. Actually we were scared to go home. hahahha  There were a weight issue we were concerned about for Clara. She lost pretty much 10% of her weight.  Not a big deal for our heavy weight, but still disconcerting. I tried pumping at the hospital and supplementing with formula. We hope this does the trick. 

Tomorrow (Thursday) we would be going home. What adventures hold for us tomorrow?

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  1. She's beautiful! So happy for you and your family;)
    The picture of Clara sleeping is so sweet.
    BTW absolutely love her name~it's my grandma's name and my middle name too!
    Enjoy every minute!