Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

The much anticipated Halloween event finally arrived.  The kids were Halloween pumped since the beginning of October. Actually since The Dollar Store started shelving all the Halloween products.  Olivia is at the age where she remembers and understands what Halloween is all about...spooky decorations, costumes, and yes...treats. William, on the other hand, had no clue. But lucky he has a big sister to follow. We've been pumping up the kids for the last few weeks with songs and crafts. We got our pumpkins early this year so the house was decorated for awhile. Their favourite song "C'est Halloween!" was sung throughout the day. 

Even the holiday made eating breakfast easier in the morning. Thanks to the Dollar Store you can purchase all kinds of bowls and mugs for Halloween. The kids really got a kick out of it and breakfast time went much faster!  Going in to check on Christmas plates and bowls now. :0)

This year Olivia had a say on what she wanted to be for Halloween. Mind you, she started wearing princess costumes way back into the summer. We got this Cinderella costume at Costco and saved it for this big day. The other princess costumes were worn out and looked like rags.  They needed a bit of TLC and were no condition for outdoor wear. So we hid this costume in the closet and took it out a week before. Poor William had a choice of chicken or tiger. Ironic he chose tiger, because he would be the one who was more hesitant when it came to spooky costumes and loud noises.  But he was the cutest tiger ever!

Hurricane Sandy was in the forecast, but luckily the rain and high winds stayed away for Halloween night. Their day started off with a Halloween party at school where they would parade around and have treats. Then the kids came home for a quick break and changed back into their costumes for Louella's 2nd annual Halloween party which was down the street.

The group was mostly little girls in princess or fairy costumes. It was very cute.

The host had activities for all the children in different areas of the house.  Crafts and treats kept the kids entertained while the parents wolfed down pizza and chili before the night began.

Out of the group of kids at the party, William again was outnumbered by girls. Luckily he didn't mind as he was drawn to the princes castle in the corner. :0P

Soon it was getting dark and it was time to start "trick or treating".  I walked back home to get the grandparents because they wanted to go with the kids around the block and I needed to put my feet up and stay put.

Papa got lucky at this house as the kids got a treat, and the parents got a treat (Papa is holding a beer bottle in his hand).  Little did they know that Papa would have rathered gotten the big size chocolate bar instead. Don't worry...Lolo enjoyed the beer later.

William came home earlier, he was done. hahahah. Lola brought him in and we gave him some a nice warm dinner which he gratefully ate.  He was so tired!  It was a big night for him. Apparently, he was so tired he was dragging his bag everywhere and kept stopping to sit. But when asked if he needed help with his treat bag, he would not let go of the handle. Sigh..that's my boy!

Olivia arrived shortly only to run in for a pee stop. I asked her if she wanted to go back out, and we agreed just a couple of houses more. She came back after 2. Yup...that was a couple. She was just as done. When she came home, Papa put Sir Will into bed and he gulped down his bottle and settled in for the night.

Olivia came in and quickly undressed and wanted to see what was in her treat bag. This was always my favourite part. First she had dinner (quickly), then she called Papa to dump out her treats.  Papa and I eyed some big size chocolate bars for us, and Olivia separated her Smartie boxes with the rest. She was dying to eat something, but she was really good when we told her it was time for bed and the next day she would be able to eat a treat.  Shows you how tired she was. hahahahah

As promised, after school, Olivia and William were able to chose a treat to eat.  They didn't chose any chocolate bars or chips. They chose the tiny candies and were so happy with it. To each his own! hahahah More chocolate for Maman.

Now what to do with the tons of left over treats (about 2 boxes of mini chocolate bars!)  Yummy in my tummy!'s not all the chocolate I's Baby Savard in there!!!  39 weeks today.

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  1. Great costumes! Looks like the kids had a great Halloween. You look great as a pumpkin:)