Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Camp Sesame – Day 2

We the kids did not disappoint. They woke up at 7am. Ready to go. Good lord, didn’t we tell them vacations mean sleeping in?  Sigh. We got up and got ready to head out for breakfast.  Sign in at Camp Sesame started at 9am.  :0P

We were still unsure how we were going to handle this.  After the day we had yesterday, we needed a break and the kids needed some cool activities. During breakfast we worked out a plan. Maybe half day, maybe just a couple of hours.  We were not worried about William so much as he could be easily distracted. Olivia on the other hand, has a history of separation anxiety. It would be interesting.

After breakfast, we headed to Camp Sesame and totally played it up. The childcare workers were lovely and the quickly took to these monkeys. Olivia and William just wanted to play.  We fillout the necessary forms and Martin took Olivia to get settled in ther program and I took William to get settled.  We said our goodbyes and left.  Of course, it took us awhile because Papa had to go through his list of questions and concerns about the kids. The people there patiently listened and told us not to worry they were going ot have a great time.  Worked for me!  They gave us the cell phone and off we headed to the beach.

We found our lounges and settled in to enjoy our morning at the beach – constantly checking our phone to see if they had called.  I actually got to read for an hour and half!!!!  Martin went swimming in the ocean.  It was heavenly.  Then, it was time to make that decision. Do we pick up O from camp?  Nope.  No phone call, means no worries. So we let that go and they had lunch with the other kids.  Maman and Papa had lunch by the beach.  Some yummy jerk chicken and pork fajitas.   I even took a virgin strawberry daiquiri just because we were on vacation. Oh man, we are eating wayyyy too much. This inclusive vacationing is dangerous.

After lunch we had to head back to the room. Papa had a conference call to make, so I headed to the pool to read some more. It was so peaceful.  When papa returned, we had an afternoon snack and rested by the pool. By 3:30, we were missing the kids. Hahahha Maybe too feeling kind of guilty that we were enjoying ourselves too much without the kids. :0P  We headed back to the camp.

When we got there, the child care workers told us they had a wonderful day!  What?  Yup, the kids were great!  They played well, ate well, and were still sleeping?  What?  Olivia took a nap?  GREAT!!!!!   As we were talking though, Olivia was started to get out of her sleep when she saw us at the door. Still disoriented, she ran over and hugged us!  Yay, she wasn’t crying!  WE signed her out, but left William because he was still sleeping.  We decided to take Miss O to the beach.

That was the time of the day for us.  She loved every minute that she was at the beach. Papa and Olivia ran and swam, we built sandcastles.  She was all screaming with glee and laughing. This is a true family vacation.  She is such a beach bum.  It was 4:30 and it was time to pick up Sir William.  She didn’t want to go, but we promised we would take her back the next day.

We got William who was just as happy to see us when we got there.  Sure, enough though he did a tantrum as were walking out because he wanted to be carried. Poor guy.  So Papa lifted him up and he was happy again. Ugh this boy!  We headed to the pool where the kids could burn more energy before dinner.  After the pool, we went back to our room and got ready for the BEACH PARTY!

The Beach party turned out to be a fabulous event!  WE got there early so the kids were able to walk around, jump in the bouncy castle and play.  There were rows and rows of fancy picnic tables and we quicky found one near the front.  We got ourselves settled and then the show began!  It turned out to be “Big Bird’s Beach Party”.  All the characters showed up and did a wonderful performance for the kids. Olivia ran up to the front and started dancing and waving at all the characters. She was not so shy this time!  She had a blast. William actually got up there too, clapping and bouncing away.  We all ate well. 

Olivia got so swept away with the party that she actually took off. While Martin went to get his food I watched Olivia dancing up front on the stage.  Suddenly,  all the Sesame characters walked off the stage and went back around the stage.  Then I saw Olivia bolt and run after them.  I literally jumped out of my seat and chased her. I left William alone at the table and ran like 50 feet to catch her.  Crazy child!  She just wanted to say hi to them. What a heart attack she gave me.

Anyways…we had dessert and then it was time to go. William had enough and was in his stroller for the remainder of the night because of his temperament – he was done. Olivia’s cheeks were flushed red – means she was totally exhausted to.   We walked back to our room and the crashed (eventually).  Not bad for day 2.  Definitely Camp Sesame again tomorrow

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