Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunday - Camp, Spa, and Deep Sea Fishing, and a Pleasant Surprise!

Well, we started off earlier today because Papa was going deep sea fishing. So we got them ready and had a quick breakfast and dropped them off at Camp at 8am instead of the usually 9:30ish.  Papa had to be in the lobby for 8:30am.  I dropped them off this morning and found myself alone for the morning. What to do?

I decided to head back to the room and take a nice LONG shower. It felt great. Then I grabbed my book and had a leisurely breakfast/brunch. All alone.  Then I went to get ready for my pedicure.  :0)  After the pedicure, I went to lounge on the hammock and got severely red. It was a hot day, and finally some good sunshine!  Stopped at the room to recover from the heat and found the cleaning lady ready to start our rooms. She asked me how the ant problem was.  I told her the closet was better but we know were the ants were coming from – the plug.  She watched as the tiny ants were coming out of the plug. YUPPERS!  She told me that she would contact the manager.  Sure, we did already, but okay.

After that, I decided to go for a sweet treat and wait for Martin to come back from his fishing trip. Which by the way, Papa caught 2 . Only 1 other person caught a fish.  Sadly the other 6 people didn't catch any. Papa was sure lucky that day!  Around 1pm he came walking with his new friend Steve. A nice family that we met when we arrived.  We sat around talking and eventually met up with his wife Leanne. We decided to have lunch together. It was really nice.  Then it was time for my facial.  :0P  Martin went back to the room and showered. He was going to pick up the kids and then take them to the pool.

As I was in the beginning of my facial told me that my husband wanted to talk to me. I panicked. Was everything okay?  Sure enough he knocks on the door.  Everything okay?  Well…it turns out the manager called and left a message that they wanted to move us out of the room and UPGRADE us. WHAT????  There was a bit of overexcitedness in Martin’s tone. Hahahhaha.  So I told him that we had to pack up all our stuff. Was it really worth it?

Old room picture

New room picture

Anyways…to make a long story short. We ended up moving to this room with OCEAN FRONT WALK OUT.  It is freakin amazing! Hahahahhaha  They didn’t have to because the problem was somewhat solved. They were so kind and generous. Not only is this room gorgeous, but it’s huge!  AND….personal concierge service!  Outrageous.  I felt like little country fold entering a whole new world of luxery even though we were just across the pool from the Italian Villas.

After we moved in to our new room, we got ready for a nice Italian dinner in our new area.  We  went to Mario's and had a fabulous risotto and the kids ate some yummy pasta. This restaurant was great because it had a special room with tons of Sesame Street characters along the wall and at the entrance. The kids loved it. To make it even more special, they had little chairs and tables for kids to eat at. We missed that but reminded ourselves to come back to have another meal  in that special kids room.

Anways…we are back inside our room after sitting outside in our patio.  William is asleep IN ANOTHER ROOM (check out the sliding door that separates the kids room and the adults room!).  Olivia is sleeping on her own in a trundle bed beside ours. All is good.  THANK YOU BEACHES! Tomorrow is going to be another special day – I wonder what wonderful surprises it will bring.

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