Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 3 - Another day at the Beach

Today started slowly.  We changed and got ready for breakfast.  A bug surprise happened though.  We took out the stroller from the closet and on our way out Olivia hopped in. Within seconds she started screaming!!!!  She leaped out of the stroller and she was covered in ants.  We quickly grabbed her and started slapping off the ants that were on her arms and legs. It was horrible!  Then we saw the little bites. Ugh. Poor thing.  We checked out the stroller and there were tons of them!!!!  Martin quickly took a towel and started cleaning the stroller.  Olivia was crying. Ugh…not a good start to the morning.  So, after we calmed her down.  We walked over to reception and explained that we had an ant problem in our room.  In fact, everything in the closet – our laundry, our luggage and stroller was infested.  The manager was extremely apologetic and it made sure it was dealt with right way. As for our infested clothes, he told us to put it all in a bag and they would take care of it that day.  We were very grateful. 

You know it’s the Caribeean, there are insects and lizards. We knew this going in. We didn’t make a big fuss about it.  They came in and RAIDED the place. So, it was dealt with.  After that, we went for breakfast and then headed to camp. We second guessed about sending the kids to camp today.  But, by the second day at camp the counsellors were excited to see them and Olivia actually said that she wanted to go. YAY! We said our goodbyes and left for the beach.

 Actually, before the beach we made a detour to the Gift Shop. We felt guilty that we were missing all the Sesame moments at camp so we bought a camera so the staff could take pictures of the kids.  The staff there are so awesome. After that, we felt good about leaving them knowing that their fun moments would be captured.

Off we went to the beach.  We laid down, swam, rested, swam, and rested.  It was so restful.  We went back to our Arizonas (our fajitas) place and had a wonderful lunch.  During this time, it was still overcast, then a bit of raindrops but not too much, then a small break of sunshine, but then back to cloudy.  In all that, we both ended up with a sunburn. Sigh. You can’t judge the UV when it’s cloudy. I guess that’s what you get for staying in the water all day in the Caribeean.

After lunch, we rested and swam more.  Then it was time to pick up the kids. We walked in as Olivia was doing a duck hunt with Ernie. It was sooo cute. They were outside screaming as all the kids were running around grabbing rubber duckies. We didn’t want to interrupt with her fun. Ahhahaha. We just watched her from the window. She was so excited. Then I went out and waited for her as they counted how many ducks they got.  As soon as she saw me, we was eager to introduce me to Ernie and show me the ducks. Hahahhahah

After the little hunt, we got them ready to go to the beach again. It seemed like the perfect time because it wasn’t as hot and the beach was somewhat quieter. Olivia was in her element. She kept running and splashing in the water. William not so much. He preferred sitting and playing with the sand. But when he saw how much fun Olivia was having, he RELUCTANTLY and SLOWLY approached the water.  It was hilarious.  Whining, he went to the waters but wanted to be carried. As much as we tried to entertain him in the water, he was not having it.

Papa finally took him out deeper and he was clinging onto to dear life. At least he wasn’t whining.  The sand beneath his feet was something new and he wasn’t quite sure how to react to it. It didn’t help that the waves were a bit stonger and tide was pulling him into the water too. Hahahaha. Oh well. We have 3 more days to get him “beach happy”.

It was almost 6pm when we left the beach. It was getting colder and we were hungry.  Olivia didn’t want to leave, but William’s trantums told us it was best to get back.  We headed back to the hotel room and took a bath and headed out for dinner. We had a great dinner at  Guisepppe’s – the restaurant next door. We usually go  there for breakfast. We were going to try something different but the kids were done, and actually so were we.  It was a good choice because the selection was amazing.  Finally a yummy pasta dinner.  During dinner too, there was a dance party on the stage across from us for the kids. Olivia was able to watch the kids dancing away and then came BERT from Sesame Street.

Good lord, she nearly jumped out of her seat. She was screaming “LOOK! LOOK!  BERT!”.  We knew that dinner was over. Ahhahaha. Martin took Sir William back to the room (for obvious reasons) and I took Miss O to the stage.  She literally walked onto the stage danced with Bert. It was over so quickly and we had to say good bye to Bert.  She walked back down the stage and sat on my lap. She was done. We watched for another 10 minutes as the MC was introducing ALL the kids that were on the stage. Good lord.  So we left.  She feel asleep instantly when Papa put her down (lucky guy!).  And that was that.  Tomorrow is going to be a FULL day for everyone!

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