Friday, May 18, 2012

Marty's take; Too much not to touch base

Hi everyone it's been a long time. I wanted to give a brief family update and my take on our Vacation at Beaches Turks and Caicos!
For families that know us or poeple following the blog we learned a few hard lesson on this trip as well as suprising moments.
When I originally booked this trip to surprise Melanie; I really wanted her to have a real vacation to her dream place before she would head back to work. We knew Olivia at the worse would enjoy herself at the pool, and William based on the succesfull experience of travelling early with Olivia (15 months) and him being quite happy being carried around anyway that we should be good.
here's were the learning started!

LESSON #1 I am not in denial anymore; Your kids ARE different!
LESSON #2 The younger one wants a seat too on that plane like big sister, and yes will scream 3 hours until he passed out.
LESSON #3 WAY too early to travel for William

that being said
Surprise #1 ELMO Camp
Surprise #2 ELMO!
Surprise #3 Room upgrade to a 2 bedroom suite

We really felt bad for William; but we realized that during the day at camp he was fine; but the issue was him being too much like papa temper, and making us pay all night and the following morning for leaving him.  As well before the room change, when he woke up in the middle of the night, he was not too happy to see his sister in our bed. Things got better when he had is own room and he finally got some really good sleep (so did we!) but it's clear that the trip was a little bit too early for him. (We did need the trip to know that, as he his a pretty happy baby in general)
That being said we had some tremondous moment as a family in this vacation (yes Vacation! everybody relaxed!, usually "trips"are expensive family activities with not much rest)
 By the end of the trip William really got a liking with Elmo. When not on the floor pulling a tantrum, girls were turning head watching himwith his little "swagger" walk and smile ( he does love the ladies!)
Some amazing moment at the pool when he tried to copy eveything Olivia was doing.

For Olivia; well knowing how much she loved the beach I was really looking forward to spend some time with her playing in the sand; but Elmo and the gang clearly unseated me in the priority list.
Even the morning I forced her to come to the pool with us; she asked after 1 hour when she was going back to camp; and that Elmo was looking for her! She entertain us all week dancing, singing...drinking ;-(

For me, well what could have asked for more! Happy kids; laying on the beach with my pregnant wife( yes this is not a typo) talking about how bless we are to have found each other, and our kids to have found us.
Relaxing, reflecting on our continuous journey and amazing adventure that are continually happening. The unknown that lays ahead of us. Life is full of surprise, some amazing and joyfull, others you wish would not happen; but in the end you found a strenght and a resiliency that you did not know you have, your support systems, your family, your friends your children give you that strenght to help with the sorrows and transform them to hope. For us it is now 15 weeks of hope.

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