Monday, November 22, 2010

Clearwater and the World Championships - Part 2

Friday was another beach day, and it seemed that the area was getting more busier. The hotel was definitely buzzing with athletes. Everytime the elevator would open it would be a person with a bike, dressed in running gear, or in a wetsuit. ahhahahaha

When we woke up we walked to this diner that Martin loved last year. We had a great breakfast. Of course Martin trying to carb load, had 6 ginormous pancakes. 2 of which we had to pack and take back to the hotel. sigh. After breakfast, we went back to the beach for another restful day.

The only different thing this time was, I decided to take Olivia to the hotel for her afternoon nap. She was getting a lot of sun and sand. I needed to wash her off and give her a nice "clean" nap. By that time, Martin had returned from his training and decided to take a nap with Olivia. I decided to leave and head down towards the beach to relax and enjoy the sun.

By that time, the wind was getting cooler and it was getting darker. My parents were there in the cabana relaxing when I arrived. I took out my book and started to read. Then my parents decided to head out and walk back to their hotel for the night. We didn't end of having dinner together that night, which was probably a good thing.

THat night we decided to just eat at the hotel. Big mistake. It took more than an hour to get our food. Martin was fuming, Olivia was exhausted, and I was hungry. Not a good combination. WE finally gulpled down our food and headed off to bed. Tomorrow was the big day.


Martin woke up to get ready. Olivia actually sat up and waved good bye to papa before he left at 5am. Then she slumped down back to bed. hahahaha. We woke up to Grandmaman and Grandpapa's knock on the door. They had driven that morning to Clearwater. WE made plans to met at the transistion site when Martin would come out of the water to the bike.

Lola and Lolo came over to the hotel, and we went over to the site to see Martin. Unfortunately we missed him out of the water, so we walked over the bridge where we would see him bike and run. By that time, Olivia was in her stroller. The snacks came out, the toys came out, and eventually the DVD player came out. I didn't want her out of the stroller because she would be running everywhere. After all those distractions, she still was not happy. I took her out and put her in the carrier. Sigh.

As I placed her in the carrier, I gave her a bottle and prayed she would eventually go to sleep. She drank but she didn't sleep. So I walked to the middle of the bridge and waited for Martin to show. Of course, I see this lemon-lime jersey coming up the the bridge. Yay! It was papa and he saw us too. It was perfect. I knew he was headed down to transition and then off for the run. We are almost done the race. hahahhaha.

I walked back to where we were and waited for him to run. He saw us and Olivia shouted for joy. It was a good motivator for Papa I'm sure. After all that excitement, Olivia ended falling asleep! hahahah I guess she just wanted to wait for Papa.

We walked over to the finish line trying to find some shade because it was super hot. She slept for about 45 minutes. When she woke up I knew we had to get her moving. We went over to the park where she could move around. We got some icecream and headed back to the finish line. Papa would be there soon. Within 15 minutes of waiting, we saw Papa race passed a few runners and sprinted to the finish line. YAY!

We finally met up with Grandmaman and Grandpapa at the end. We waited for Papa to come. Olivia was getting more ancy in this heat, that I decided to take her to the water and play. She was most happiest there. When Papa arrived we packed up and returned back to the hotel and finish packing. We checked out and headed for lunch at the same spot where we had dinner and lunch before. I'm telling you...there isn't much in Clearwater. hahahahha.

We had a celebratory lunch and left Clearwater. Olivia again fell asleep for most of the ride back to Orlando. We even got to stop at a Starbucks on our way home. Unfortunately, because of the events that day, we didn't get out pictures. There is one thing I regret. We didn't have any pictures from the race. Boo! Oh well, I'm sure there will be more opportunities to come. :0P

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