Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 2 at Montessori

Well..there were lots of tears this morning. And when I picked her up her eyes looked tired. The teacher graciously said she was fine. hahhaha. All teachers say that. I'm guilty of that too. It could have been the most stressful day, but I tell the parent with a smile that their child had a good day. :0P

She fell asleep in the car on the way home. Usually when we arrive home, she would wake up when getting out of the car seat. Today...she was fast asleep out of the car, into the house (even with the alarm blaring), and even when I removed her boots. Sigh..poor thing. I gave her lunch and she took at nap. She woke up almost 3 hours later.

A funny story. After dinner, Olivia was walking around the kitchen and all of sudden we hear "Shhhh". There was Olivia with her finger on her lip saying "Shhhhhh" and smiling. To tell everyone, we did not teach her this. She was obviously told to be quiet at school. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Too hilarious. Sigh...we know all too well how loud Olivia can be. Well, at least she's learned something in 2 days. Let's see what she comes home with tomorrow.

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