Monday, November 8, 2010

Florida in November! Part 1 - The Plane Ride

Well our first trip going SOLO. Meaning Olivia and I. What was I thinking
We arrived 2 hours before our flight, and the stress already started as the lady at the checkout had this puzzled look when we handed her Olivia`s Korean passport. Oh oh. She had to call her supervisor for help. Finally, she issued both of us a boarding pass and we were on our way to Customs.

At Customs, Olivia was getting a bit ancy. The whole process of taking everything thing out and placing it on the screening belt is a pain in the butt. Down to our socks we walked through the detector. All good. Next...the customs officer. We got to the counter and the man was really nice. Thank goodness. We had an issue with the visa waiver, but it he just explained that it could be resolved by going on this website before we return back to Canada. All good. This left us about 45 minutes till boarding. Perfect. Time to run around. Up and down we went at the terminal. Finally we got the call to board the plane. She ran down the gateway to the plane and walked down the aisle to our seats. Yay! We made it.

She was great sitting on my lap during take off. Luckily the plane was full of kids excited about going to Orlando or should I say Disney World - like this was the name of the city or country they were going to visit. hahahha. The flight attendents were wearing their Mickey Ears. Sigh...things they do. Beside us was an empty seat and by the window there was a really nice man who Olivia continually bothered during the flight. He was really good about it.

Thirty minutes into the flight I took out the first toy. A toy computer that I didn`t know how to work. Note to the instructions on how to use it before giving it to your kids. That was somewhat shortlived. Then on to the snacks. Then on to the playdoh - which she constantly tried to put it in her mouth. Argh. Finally...dinnertime.

An hour and a bit into the flight...Miss O gave me this look. A look that I seen before and recognized. I was not too happy. She gave her little look and wave. Sigh...damn...a caca. I raced her to the back into this tiny cubicle at the back of the plane. I was worried she would smell so we pretty much ran down that aisle. hahahha After that dramatic (traumatic for me) eventm, we came back to our seats and had dinner. While everyone had snacks from the airlines assortments of choices. Olivia had a great healthy dinner. Yay for mommy for bringing veggies and pasta.

That took a chunk of time which was great. Now...onto the DVD. Some Annie Broccoli. She sat in the empty seat, quiet as can be. Then the announcement over the speaker came Hello ladies and Gentlemen and kids, we are now starting out descent into Orlando. WOOHOOO

As I got Olivia ready and started packing off her things, the LOOK came again. No no no..this can`t be happening. Not again. Not 30 minutes before we land. Of course there was the hand on the chair, the red face, the wave. ARGH. When she was done her business, I scooped her up and raced back down to the bathroom to change her. Ugh. It was insane. As we got back to our seats, we strapped ourselves in and hoped that the bottle I gave her would make her fall asleep for at least 30 minutes. Ya, no such luck.

We landed 20 minutes early. Wohoo! It was a great plane ride. We got off the plane and pretty much made Olivia run down off the plane and all the way to the baggage claim. hahahhaha. Mind you I had to put her little Piglet backpack on. You know..the one with the leash. Sigh. I had too.

We got to the baggage claim and Olivia was exhausted. She waited in the stroller while we got our luggage. Then we waited for Grandmaman and Grandpapa to come pick us up. They had just missed us at the gate and they were waiting for us there. The showed up and I was soooo happy to see them. Olivia well...she was exhausted. Time change, travel, shortened nap, and running around in the airports. She was done. I was done. I did it though. It was quite the adventure. I hope and pray it goes well when we come back.


The next day it was beautiful. I couldn't believe we were here Florida in this heat. Olivia was definitely going through her mommy clingy stage. I couldn't leave the room without burst of tears and screams. Sigh...poor grandmaman and grandpapa. During the day we ran a few errands and I bought Olivia a lifejacket so we could go to the pool. We had a lovely lunch and headed to the pool.

I guess it just wasn't the same with Mama in the pool. Although she liked it she wasn't over excited like she usually is during her swimming lessons. Maybe it was the flotation device strapped around here. hahahha. Oh well too bad, we couldn't take the chance with her. After the swim, she took a nice nap and I ate a bag of chips with diet pepsi and it was terrific. I totally felt on vacation. hahahaha.

The next morning, Grandpapa surprised me with a STarbucks coffee. Woohoo. He made me write it down on a piece of paper and from that day on while we were staying at the condo, he made the trek to Starbucks. I'm thinking the baristas know him now. After breakfast we made it to the "mini" outlet by the condo and I was able to shop a bit while Olivia slept in the stroller. Surprising I know. Merci Grandpapa. He was working out a sweat walking all around making sure she wouldn't wake up. hahahahha

Shopping ended when she belted a scream and realized it was Grandpapa moving her and not me. sigh. So we decided to head home and get some lunch. :0) We had awesome Cici's pizza for lunch. Olivia ate a whole slice by herself. Then had another great nap in the afternoon. When she woke up, we dressed her up and get her ready again for the pool. Papa was coming today and he would meet us by the pool.

When he arrived another breathe of relief. Papa was here to help me out with this clingy girl. Although she was happy to see him, it was still all about Mama. Papa unpacked all his stuff from his Tahoe. From the on we waited for Lola and Lolo's place to arrive. Apparently it was delayed for a couple of hours. They finally arrived at the condo at around 8ish. We had a lovely dinner that night with lots of wine. More than my parents usually drink. hahaha. Then we all turned in for the night. Tomorrow would be another busy day.

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