Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Get Together 2011

Another year...another Halloween.  Sure enough, this year, because Olivia is just that much older, a little bit more wiser, and a little bit more aware of "Halloween", we ended up carving a pumpkin and decorated the house. Sigh. Yes, we know. Everyone knows about our anti-Halloween sentiments, but heck, we have a toddler that not only has 1 costume, but 2.  Which is funny, because Olivia is at this horrible stage of not wanting to wear anything. Getting her dressed has been somewhat a challenge this last month.  Now, I had to get her into a costume too!  But, we had to do a little bit more this year.

This Halloween, we had our 2nd annual Savard Halloween get together.  We had "big" Olivia, Matthew, Daniel, and baby Jacob over for pizza and junk Saturday night.  It was a blast. It always is.  We had kids all over the place eating junk and playing. Of course, we had to do our group picture WITH the costumes before anything else.  They were adorable.  I love this age!  Soon Olivia was sweating from her Uniqua costume, so that ended the costume parade. Off went the costume.  All in all it was another wonderful evening with great friends.  I love our get togethers. Irene said it perfectly.  She said it was so wonderful that the kids will be close and they have each other in the adoptive community. It really is like having family coming over and the cousins playing together. They kids had a great time, and they all slept really well that night. :0)

Costumes and treats.  This holiday can't be that bad.  :0P

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