Monday, October 17, 2011

Package #2 for William

Our second package to William is ready to be FedExed tomorrow.  Included in the box are more pictures of us (sigh...hope this helps). I laminated the pictures and put them on a teething ring so he can play with them.  I also put some onesies size 6-12 months. Hope they fit still. An ELMO DVD, heck why not.  Maybe he'll be just as hooked as Olivia was.  That'll help on the plane ride home, we have lots to watch.  Also, a special DVD we made of Olivia singing songs (Twinkle, Twinkle, and You are my Sunshine) and reading a story (Brown Bear, Brown Bear) for William.  We made an extra copy for Olivia's foster family so they can see how much she's grown.

We are hoping to get some news soon.  Hoping and praying. Meanwhile, as we wait we are in the midst of finishing his room. Little touches here and there. Almost there.

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