Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Sigh, on a Monday Night.

Today started off on a rocky start. We woke up at 5:30 and she tossed and turned till 5:45am. This was going to be a longggg day.  However, even though we had an early start, she was in a good mood.  We got downstairs and had breakfast.  During breakfast I was trying to plan how to get these MONKEY pants on her, without having a freak out about changing. It started with "Happy Halloween, it's time to put your costume to show your friends!".  That didnt' do it.  "Let's show Miss Amelia your MONKEY costume!".  Nope.  "It's cold outside, you need to wear your pants or you can't eat your grapes.  Grapes are for the car." Well, it was sort of a bribe.  She put the leggings on first, then the monkey pants. I wasn't even going to put the top part of the costume.  I left it for school to deal with that one.  I did put the Uniqua costume in the bag, just in case she was going to pull a tantrum about this monkey costume.

At school, the Uniqua costume won. Much to Tita Melissa's dismay.  Olivia passed out her treats to her friends and had a great day at school.  Thanks for the pictures Miss Amelia!

I picked her up a little early from school because we had a neighbourhood "Little Tykes" party. It was a nice get together with the neighbourhood kiddies. We did a wardrobe change, and Miss O put on her monkey costume for the party and left it on for the evening part.  Woohoo!

We came home from the party and we did a couple of houses down the street with Olivia's BFF Nalina.  I came home to hand out candy, and Papa and O did a couple more houses.  When they arrived, Olivia's bag was full!  Not only with regular Halloween treats, but full sized chocolate bars. Who are these people?  It's great for us.  :0P
I think the real fun for Miss O was when she came home. First, another wardrobe change. I dread her wedding day, where she'll want to have 2 wedding dresses - one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Sigh, she's such her father's daughter.  Anyways, she LOVED handing out the treats to the kids.  She brought out her bench and put it by the door and was calling out " EVERYBODY!!!!!  COME!!!!".  And when they came to the door, she asked "WANT SOME?" as she was putting treats in their bags.  Then preceded to say "BYE PEOPLES!" as they left. It was hilarious!

I have to say, even though it's a crazy holiday. She's loving it. She's making us laugh and enjoying it more.  Even though it fell on a Monday night, which means a very long week of over tiredness, it was pretty fun. We can't wait till next year when Olivia and William will be running down the street together.

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