Monday, October 3, 2011

Package to William

With all the excitement of the referal and the process of getting things done legally, we finally sent out our package for baby William.  We tried to put different things than Olivia's package way back when, but there were the essentials.  This package was sent September 17th.

* Elmo musical book (because he's at the stage where bright lights and music catch his interest)
* 123 Canada  (Olivia got ABC Canada)
* His Build a bear with our voices (we tried to get Olivia's voice on there but she refused to perform). His name is Charles (a concession because Martin wanted the name Charles but I didn't)
* Some very cute outfits. 1 especially but that says "Little Brother".  :0)
* 2 disposable camera - don't know if they will use it.  Hope they are taking pictures digitally.
* A fabric book with our pictures in it.
*A box of "Canadian" chocolate - well, they are little Halloween chocolates but bars only sold in Canada (Smarties, Aero etc) for the foster family.

We are hoping to send him a DVD of us and Olivia so he can really see our faces and hear our voices.  Might also put an ELMO dvd in there to prep him for our flight back.  :0)
Our dear William - I would put the moon in the box for you if it meant you could come home sooner.  Missing you everyday.

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