Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Weeks Home!

It's Sunday night and Olivia and William are fast asleep (hopefully for awhile).  William is a much better sleep than Olivia but we are still working through some crying at night.  The last couple of days he has been sleeping 12 hours straight, so keeping my fingers crossed it keeps going. Things have been slow going, but every minute of it has been wonderful.  I say if feels like a year that we've have been home with William because everything seems just right. He really is a joy and his smile and laugh melts your heart.  You can already see that he is going to be a little monkey like his sister. I'm not saying though it has been smooth sailing.  The rough and tumble -"say how you feel" kind of boy behaviours.  This week though has been much better than the last 2 for sure. Totally different from a girl. And more exhausting. hahahha.

 A part of me is so happy that we were able to travel and be home for the holidays AND celebrate his 1st birthday, but it's been super crazy and hectic with the holidays.  Sometimes I think how different would it have been if we left for Korea after the holidays.  But in the end, we wouldn't have had such an amazing experience in Korea if it weren't the holidays too.  Christmas celebrations in Korea are so wonderful. 

William is adjusting (we think and hope) very well- despite the few tantrums here and there.  The social worker and foster mother claimed that William was a very happy, sociable baby boy. Which he is - when he gets what he wants. hahahaha. God forbid we take something that he wanted - foster mom (God love her) definitely catered to it. But he has a smile that will melt hearts and 6 teeth to show (4 on top and 2 on the bottom).  I'm sure there were lots of treats for this monkey to be happy. hahahha.  But it's nothing major..just typical short tempered boy stuff (like Papa). :0P  Learning curves. 

He started walking more and more after the holidays, and now it's his preferred way of travelling around.  Loves to climb things now too - the stairs, up and down the sofa couch, up and down the toys. Sigh.  Eating now has been much more manageable.  No more formula - woohoo!  In the beginning I was telling a friend that he was gagging on the solid foods we were giving him, but now he is doing very well. We went to Hockey Sushi today and it was a great dinner for everyone.  Everyone had something off the menu and were very satisfied.  PHew. Tomorrow we'll try an Italian restaurant. We'll see how that goes. Food wise - he's a carb loader. Loves his bread, pasta, crackers, cereal - anything he can just nibble on.  He'll hold it in his hands for hours.  Fruit is not a favourite - unless it's mushed and it can be spooned. Sigh. We're working on it. 

Toys/Playing - Well...he's really interested in everything he's not supposed to play with (phone, cellphone, computer etc).  Also, he's interested in everything Olivia is interested in, which is not making Miss O too happy these days. She could be at 1 end of the room playing with something and he'll walk across the room just to take if from her. Sigh. Good times.  I am happy to say that he's not an oral fixator. Not everything goes in his mouth, like his sister at this age. He also understands "NO!" - at least he should be now because we say it so many times. ahhahahha

Winter is hard! Besides the holiday travelling we have been stuck at home and "cocooning" because it has been so cold or the weather has been yucky.  And getting these 2 monkeys dressed to go out is just not fun at all.  Olivia is back in her PJS only stage and William, well he just hates getting dressed and bundled.  Car seats and William - are only good for about 15 minutes and only with a bottle of milk. hahaha We'll get there.  There are a lot of road trips ahead for this family. hahahha.   Really in the end, everyone is much more happier being in PJS for the whole day anyways. But at the end of this week I did have cabin fever. I ended getting the 2 dressed and driving over to Children's Bridge to drop off some papers and back home. That was my "exciting" outing. hahahaha.  The only good thing that has come out of these outings so far is that Olivia (who used to be running everywhere and would rarely want to sit in the cart), will ask  to sit beside William in the cart. Strapping them in makes a much more enjoyable shopping trip.  :0)

Like a boy however, he is into everything Olivia is.  Which is frustrating her quite a bit lately.
It has been an adjustment for Miss Olivia for sure, but she's been doing so well. Quite the Mama's helper and very eager to come to William's rescue when he is crying or in distress. It's been hard to keep her quiet in the mornings so she doesn't wake him up because she's so excited to go in his room.  She has had her share of meltdowns though and she has definitely picked up on the screaming and attention that William has gotten.  But they love each other. You can tell. He immediately stops crying when she approaches him. She definitely knows how to calm him down. It was a perfect sibling match too.  

Next week, Olivia will be back to school and I will have William all to myself. What to do?  What to do?  

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