Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Ste. Sauveur 2011 - Part 2

Friday, December 30th, 2011.

After a tiring night, we drove back home from Marc's (with the kids in their jammies already) and put them straight to bed.  GM (Grandmaman) had put out the turkey to cook over night so it would be all ready for the next day's festivities.  All night I could smell that yummy turkey cooking.  When we woke up in the morning it was just about ready.  GP (Grandpapa) decided to carve it at around noon, with his electric knife (which they got as a wedding gift - 40 years ago).  It definitely peaked William's interest.  :0)

Sigh. Miss Olivia (aka The TORNADE) with her morning bed head.   She was quite a sight!  We would definitely need a good afternoon nap so she would be in fine spirits when the cousins came.

After her 2 hour nap (woohoo!), we took a nice bath and put on our fancy Christmas clothes. It was time for pictures before everyone came.  Everyone knows once the party starts, the dress, hair, and face become quite the mess for our little tomboy!

Once everyone arrived, it was time to break out the champagne (the good kind!).  We all gave a nice cheer and toasted to a great year and family memories.  Once we all "ching ching", Olivia immediately yelled out that she wanted "de l"eau pitient" (sparkling water) to toast too.  What a girl!  So we gave her a cup of sparkling water and retoasted with her - making sure we "clinked" her plastic cup.

Then it was time for the presents!  We all gathered downstairs in GM's playroom and there in each corner of the room were presents!  Presents were everywhere!!!  Of course, Miss Olivia was more excited about the food placed on the free tables.  It was heaven for the kids.

The kids quickly opened up all their gifts and piled them into their corners.  They were very eager to open all the goods they got, but it was time for dinner.  Marc was able to quickly steal Willliam from Martin's lap for the good old uncle straddle.  It's always, who can stay on Marc's tummy the longest.  William didn't do that bad.  :0)  He had no idea what was going on, but he was a good sport.

The Savard men gathered around the couch, waiting for the food to be ready.  The adults in 1 dining table and the kids at the other table. Hooboy. That was going to be interesting. Olivia eating by herself with her cousins.  Needless to say, we ended up picking up her plate and getting her to sit by us so she could focus and eat. ahhahaha  Maybe next year - she's still too little.

It was after dinner when everything went downhill. I knew they would be, but I was hoping for the best. They both had enough and they were done.  Olivia was so hyper and excitable that she couldn't settle and was being quite the defiant little one. William was just done. He was tired - new people, new surroundings, new tradtions.  He was done.

We were all in the family room getting ready to watch old DVD's of the Savard family Christmas'.  We were about 10 minutes in when things started to go haywire.  Crying and screaming started to commence, and Martin and I took their cue and took them out. William was ready for bed, and Miss Olivia was going to have some quiet time downstairs on a nice yellow bench.  :0P  It's too bad we had to miss the show, but we'll watch in another time (hopefully).

Everyone came down afterwards to have dessert.  Olivia was allowed to have some dessert much to my disapproval, but heck it was Christmas.  She was on her best behaviour from then on.  I loved the little talk that Mathieu gave her while she was "sitting on the bench" - "You have to listen to your mom and dad right?" You don't want to miss out on the dessert"  He kept going on.  It was endearing, and I love Mathieu for that. He's looking out for her.  I couldn't stay mad. Sigh.

After dessert, the adults opened their presents and stockings at the table.  Then it was time to go home.  William had passed out for awhile now.  I was going to sleep with Olivia in the other room - just in case we had some disruptions during the night.  Everyone ended up sleeping really well.  The next morning, the kids were in fine spirits and ready to go.  We were ready to go to.  We were ready to go home.  It was a great Savard Christmas yet again, but we needed to be home - for William's sake and ours.  Back into routines, back into our beds, back in Ottawa.

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