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Christmas in Ste. Sauveur 2011

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 - Disney Concert

Lola, Lolo, and Tita Melissa left the day before, in hopes to avoid the nasty snow storm that was coming our way.  When they left, we tidied up a bit and then started backing for our next big adventure.  The snow and freezing rain came early in the evening so by the time we woke up in the morning, the roads were great.  Phew, what a relief because today was a big day. Today Olivia was going to watch the Disney Princess Live show with Grandmaman and her cousins (and Tante Vivi!).  YAY!  Luckily for more of the drive down to Montreal, William slept. Olivia, however, fell asleep in the last 30 minutes of the drive.  Oh well.  She was still enjoy the show anyways. The only problem was that there was no ticket for me.  That was planned of course. Surely Olivia would be able to handle a 2 hour show without her Maman.  Ya, right.  When we arrived at the theatre, we were early.  This was good because we could prep her about the days events.  

She saw all these little girls in princess outfits and crowns walking in (our lovely girl in leggings and a sweater - no princess costume for this little lady).  Then she saw all the cool souvenirs you could get.   She was getting excited. She saw pictures of the Mickey, Donald, and the other princesses.  Grandmaman and the crew made it in, and she saw Melo and Audrey.  We were hoping that this would get her excited, but I think it brought back memories of the last time we were all together and then Maman and Papa left.  Soon the tears came, then the sobbing and screaming, and running away. Sigh, this was going to be a tricky departure.The show was going to start in 10 minutes so  thankfully the kind ticket people at the front let all of us in the lobby part (well, we pretty much had to mention Christian's name and we were good).  We all got it and we tried the departure again. No luck.  She wasn't going to go in with anyone. Finally the kind lady said I could come in and sit with Olivia.   Poor Papa and William stayed in the lobby and waited for me.  

At this point, Olivia had calmed down and we found our seats.  Very close to the front, aisle seats. It was great. Not so great for an escape. So I sat down.  Wasn't sure what to do - stay or go.  Then I thought of taking Audrey and Olivia to get some popcorn for snacks.  We got our popcorn, sat down and told Olivia to stay with Grandmaman because I was going to get some drinks for us later.  We positioned Audrey in the middle with the popcorn and the 2 adults on each side of the row.  I quickly ran up the aisle and waited in the back for some big commotion where Olivia was. The lights quickly went dark and the show started.  I waited and waited. I checked my phone.  Nothing.  I think I may have waiting about 10 minutes in when the show started and decided all was good.   I left the theatre and went to look for the boys in the lobby. Poor Papa and William were overheating.  All was good we thought. She was in very good hands - it's Grandmaman of course!  So we left and had a coffee and morning snack across the street. We had big plans of walking around Montreal that morning, but seeing that it took us this long to leave and we wanted to be in front when the show was finished, we decided to take a leisurely coffee break. It was great.  

At around 12:30pm, we crossed the street to the theatre and waited for the girls to exit.  There was Olivia holding Grandmaman's hand with puffy eyes and whimpering looking for us. Ugh...she hated the show. Everyone had miserable time. NOT AT ALL!  What a relief to hear that she was super thrilled to see Mickey and all the characters. She couldn't stop talking about it! (Actually, i'm writing this blog 5 days after the show and she annoyingly still talks about it).  They told us she loved the show.  Grandmaman treated them to a juice that was in a special $12 cup (incroyable!), and we decided to meet for lunch outside the city.  

By the time we got to Ste.Hubert, Olivia was still talking about the show.  While we waited for our food, feeling more comfortable with her cousins, she was running around with them.  A successful day all in all. We knew she would love it.  We didn't though understand the impact it has made in her life. She keeps talking about it.  What a great mememorable thing to share with her Grandmaman and cousins (and Tante Vivi)  :0)  

We came home from lunch with both kids passed out in the back. We stopped for some McCafe coffee and ran some errands while they slept.  We got to Grandpapa's house and the kids were able to play with  their cousins again which was great. Olivia wanted to follow Nico everywhere.  Audrey was being the motherly cousin - taking care of everyone.  Melo was running and following her cousins.  It was fun.  That night, Cathrine brought sushi and we all had a quite night. 

Then it was time for the kids to get to bed.  We took out the playpen (which has been used at all). We all decided to sleep at the same time. We put William in the playpen and the 3 of us in the bed.  We all went down with no fuss, no screaming, no tantrums.  Hmmm...too good to be true.  

Thursday, December 29th, 2011.

Olivia woke up that morning still talking about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Good grief.  It was a gorgeous day, but a cold one. They kids still had a bad cold. Olivia had a hacking attack in the middle of the night and William didn't sleep through the night either. We decided to take it easy for the day. The kids didn't mind. They loved playing with "Grandmaman's toys" in the basement.  So they played for most of the morning, we had lunch then we had a nap.  When we woke up, it was time to go to Marc and Cathrine's house for dinner. This was going to lots of fun!  Olivia kept asking about Mathieu during the day.

When we arrived, Mathieu met us at the door and Olivia jumped into his arms.  Olivia had no problems going downstairs with Mathieu to check out his room and stuff.  She loves her cousins.  Upstairs, William was a bit anxious about the new place, but quickly came around when he saw all the open space he could crawl and try to walk in. It was a perfect place for him to move.

For dinner that night, we had Cat's famous cheese fondue and some delicious roastbeef.  We ate and ate. Actually stuffed ourselves.  They kids were great. Not a lot of meltdowns.  :0)  When we saw the kids starting to lose it, we decided it was time to go.  We dressed them up in their pjs and drove back to the grandparents house.  They were overtired and so were we. hahahhaa. Tomorrow was going to be the BIG Christmas dinner. We had to get our sleep. 

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